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All Kia Oval Coffee Cups to be Compostable

Published: 15th March, 2018

All cups given out at the Kia Oval will now be completely compostable and made from sustainable sources.

As well as this, fans will now be permitted to bring their own reusable coffee cups into the ground, which can then be used at all hot drink vendors within the ground at any time. Surrey branded reusable cups will also be available for sale at all hot drink vendors around the ground.

The new measures will combine with the ground’s recent decision to ban plastic straws to further reduce the Kia Oval’s environmental impact.

The cups look and feel like regular plastic cups, but the insides and lid – often made from plastic – are made from ‘Vegware’ and once finished with, are completely compostable. The outer paper cover is also made from a sustainable paper source.

Vegware is a manufacturer of disposable catering materials. All its products are made from renewable or recycled materials, and can all be composted with food waste where facilities exist.

Elliott Moore, Head of Catering at the Kia Oval, said: “As we have said before, one of our primary focuses going forward is to reduce the environmental impact made by the catering operation at the Kia Oval.

“Given the amount of hot drinks we sell throughout the season, ensuring the cups we serve them in were fully compostable was very important and I’m really pleased we’ve managed to find this solution.

“Combined with the decision to allow fans to bring in their own reusable cups at all times, it should dramatically reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by the ground.”

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