Kia Oval to Ban Plastic Drinking Straws

Published: 8th March, 2018

From the start of the 2018 season, the Kia Oval will no longer serve plastic straws with drinks bought at the ground.

The new policy, brought in as part of the club’s continuing efforts to reduce its environmental impact, will be in place throughout the year – covering all cricket at the ground as well as the approximately 1,500 non-matchday events that are held at the ground every year.

The single use plastic straws will be replaced by a fully biodegradable paper alternative, which will be given out with all drinks that require straws.

In 2017 the Kia Oval helped Sky launch their ‘Sky Ocean Rescue’ campaign at the 100th Test, with the broadcaster funding the installation of 12 new water fountains around the ground as well as handing out 20,000 reusable drinking bottles to fans.


Moeen Ali and Stuart Broad help launch Sky Ocean Rescue at the Kia Oval last year

Elliott Moore, the Head of Catering at the Kia Oval, said: “Removing plastic straws is just one of a number of new environmental initiatives we will be bringing in this season.

“Given the scale of the operation we run here, entirely removing plastic straws was not a straightforward operation. However, it is something I am personally very pleased that we’ve done and a major step in the right direction.”

Jade Everett, Health, Safety and Environment Manager at the Kia Oval said: “Reducing our environmental impact is something that is really important to us – and something that I have asked staff across the club to work hard on doing.

“Removing plastic straws happening in restaurants, bars and clubs across the country and I am glad we are able to impact this on a large scale at the Kia Oval.”

There are an estimated 5 trillion pieces of plastic in the world’s oceans, with 8 million tons more ending up in the ocean every year, it never decomposes and will remain there forever. By 2050 all the plastic in the Ocean could weigh more than all the fish.

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