Kia Oval development set to begin

Published: 30th September, 2019

Conference & Events Sales Manager Emily Pritchard returns with her latest blog on all the goings on off the pitch at The Kia Oval.

The construction of the new stand is about to begin here at The Kia Oval, and it feels like Christmas, New Year, and my birthday all wrapped into one – the excitement is immense!

Set to be completed in mid-2021 the new stand, dubbed “One Oval Square”, will grow our facilities for conference and events massively. Available spaces will increase our maximum capacity to upwards of 900 in a single room. Couple this with 6m ceiling heights and floor to ceiling windows, this development will further solidify our position as one of the most sought-after events venues in London.

With all of the excitement, it is worth noting that we do still have a £6m Conference and Events business to operate alongside the development and we plan to do this with little to no disruption to our current clients as possible. Let’s be honest, what is the point in building a shining new stand if we have forced away our loyal customers in the meantime.

This is where we are incredibly lucky that our ground is large enough to hold three (soon to be four) distinct stands. The new stand is situated at the Oval Underground Station and Pavilion End of the Ground – opposite to the OCS stand. This will allow conferences that are booked at the Vauxhall end to continue as normal, with the only restriction being a reduction in complimentary parking (from 50 car parking spaces to approximately 25 spaces).

If you are interested in finding out more about the development process click here to see a video produced by our construction company.

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