Kia Oval to Recycle Used Coffee Grounds

Published: 29th March, 2018

Surrey County Cricket Club and the Kia Oval are delighted to announce a partnership with local clean technology company bio-bean that will see all used coffee grounds at the ground turned into bio-fuel.

This announcement is the latest pledge in the club’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact after recent decisions to ban plastic strawsmove to compostable cups and end the use of plastic bags.

The new policy will be in place at Kia Oval immediately – covering just under a million cups of coffee drunk across all cricket matches as well as approximately 1,500 non-matchday events at the ground every year.

There are two types of coffee machine used within the Kia Oval – bean-to-cup and filter coffee.

Both machines leave grounds that will now be taken away by bio-bean and turned into a number of products including pellets used to power public transport and fire logs that can be sold to the public.

George May, Chief Commercial Officer at bio-bean, said: “As a big cricket fan, I’m personally very excited for us to begin recycling coffee grounds from The Kia Oval.

“It’ll be the first sports stadium to recycle its coffee waste with us, in partnership with Bywaters, and it’s just down the road from our London office.

“At our factory in Cambridgeshire we turn coffee waste into Coffee Logs, a great renewable fuel for stoves and woodburners. You wouldn’t throw your wicket away, so why throw away your coffee grounds?”

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