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Match Scorecard

Surrey vs Essex Tuesday 19th July 2022 - 11:00am

Surrey win by 6 wickets

LV= Insurance County Championship Division One 2022 / Tuesday 19th July 2022 - 11:00am

Essex won the toss and elected to bat.

Essex First Innings
271 All Out (84.0 Overs)

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Nick Brownec Ben Foakesb Kemar Roach10162062.50
Alastair Cookc Ollie Popeb Jamie Overton29755038.67
Tom Westleyb Daniel Worrall11412026.83
Dan Lawrencelbw Daniel Worrallb Daniel Worrall01000.00
Paul Walterc Cameron Steelb Daniel Worrall03000.00
Matthew Critchleyb Kemar Roach21315067.74
Adam Rossingtonc Rory Burnsb Kemar Roach1001519366.23
Simon Harmerlbw Daniel Worrallb Daniel Worrall501476034.01
Shane Snaterlbw Daniel Worrallb Daniel Worrall02000.00
Sam CookNot Out21*364058.33
Jamie Porterlbw Daniel Worrallb Daniel Worrall03000.00
Extras4nb 2w 12b 11lb29
All Out
(84.0 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
22 - 1Nick Browne4.4
50 - 2Tom Westley17.3
50 - 3Dan Lawrence17.4
54 - 4Paul Walter19.1
83 - 5Alastair Cook27.2
91 - 6Matthew Critchley28.3
204 - 7Simon Harmer69.3
204 - 8Shane Snater69.5
262 - 9Adam Rossington82.4
271 - 10Jamie Porter83.6
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Kemar Roach19.086333.32
Daniel Worrall19.065662.95
Tom Lawes17.015103.00
Jamie Overton14.024313.07
Ryan Patel7.001502.14
Will Jacks7.001802.57
Cameron Steel1.00202.00

Surrey First Innings
319 All Out (97.5 Overs)

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Rory Burnslbw Sam Cookb Sam Cook24444054.55
Ryan Patelc Simon Harmerb Sam Cook4201020.00
Hashim Amlac Nick Browneb Jamie Porter12471025.53
Ollie Popec Tom Westleyb Shane Snater26523150.00
Ben Foakesc Dan Lawrenceb Shane Snater11541020.37
Will JacksNot Out150*18410881.52
Cameron Steelb Shane Snater5140035.71
Jamie Overtonb Simon Harmer5510100.00
Tom LawesCaught (Sub) Bowled Matthew Critchleyb Matthew Critchley19614031.15
Kemar Roachb Simon Harmer29925031.52
Daniel Worrallc Adam Rossingtonb Sam Cook117005.88
Extras6nb 0w 5b 17lb33
All Out
(97.5 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
24 - 1Ryan Patel9.1
31 - 2Rory Burns11.6
52 - 3Hashim Amla23.3
88 - 4Ollie Pope31.6
95 - 5Ben Foakes39.1
103 - 6Cameron Steel43.6
112 - 7Jamie Overton46.4
167 - 8Tom Lawes65.4
252 - 9Kemar Roach90.2
319 - 10Daniel Worrall97.5
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Jamie Porter18.035613.11
Sam Cook21.536333.00
Simon Harmer29.069623.31
Shane Snater21.093531.67
Matthew Critchley8.014215.25

Essex Second Innings
208 All Out (63.5 Overs)

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Nick Brownec Ben Foakesb Tom Lawes481016047.52
Alastair Cookc Ben Foakesb Daniel Worrall451080.00
Sam Cookc Ollie Popeb Daniel Worrall4410100.00
Tom Westleyc Ben Foakesb Tom Lawes32524061.54
Dan Lawrencelbw Daniel Worrallb Daniel Worrall47997047.47
Paul Walterc Rory Burnsb Kemar Roach9910100.00
Matthew Critchleylbw Kemar Roachb Kemar Roach892088.89
Adam Rossingtonc Jamie Overtonb Daniel Worrall360050.00
Simon HarmerNot Out38*686055.88
Shane Snaterc Hashim Amlab Kemar Roach370042.86
Jamie Porterb Daniel Worrall224008.33
Extras2nb 0w 1b 7lb10
All Out
(63.5 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
12 - 1Alastair Cook1.5
16 - 2Sam Cook3.3
65 - 3Tom Westley18.6
130 - 4Nick Browne40.1
140 - 5Paul Walter42.1
154 - 6Matthew Critchley44.5
161 - 7Adam Rossington47.1
162 - 8Dan Lawrence47.4
167 - 9Shane Snater50.1
208 - 10Jamie Porter63.5
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Kemar Roach20.055832.90
Daniel Worrall17.526653.88
Jamie Overton14.005303.79
Tom Lawes10.031921.90
Will Jacks2.00402.00

Surrey Second Innings
162 for 4 (57.4 Overs)

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Rory Burnsc Dan Lawrenceb Simon Harmer40913043.96
Ryan Patelc Adam Rossingtonb Simon Harmer381712022.22
Hashim Amlac Simon Harmerb Shane Snater16193084.21
Tom LawesNot Out32*543159.26
Jamie Overtonc Paul Walterb Matthew Critchley211412150.00
Ollie PopeNot Out4*110400.00
Ben Foakes
Will Jacks
Cameron Steel
Kemar Roach
Daniel Worrall
Extras8nb 0w 0b 3lb11
(57.4 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
63 - 1Rory Burns29.2
84 - 2Hashim Amla34.4
132 - 3Ryan Patel53.4
157 - 4Jamie Overton56.6
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Sam Cook14.042501.79
Jamie Porter11.004003.64
Shane Snater11.032612.36
Simon Harmer15.453822.53
Matthew Critchley6.013015.00


Rory Burns
Ryan Patel
Hashim Amla
Ollie Pope
Ben Foakes
Will Jacks
Cameron Steel
Jamie Overton
Tom Lawes
Kemar Roach
Daniel Worrall
Nick Browne
Alastair Cook
Tom Westley
Dan Lawrence
Matthew Critchley
Paul Walter
Adam Rossington
Simon Harmer
Shane Snater
Jamie Porter
Sam Cook