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Match Scorecard

Surrey vs Hampshire Thursday 13th April 2023 - 11:00am

Surrey win by 9 wickets

LV= Insurance County Championship / Thursday 13th April 2023 - 11:00am

Hampshire won the toss and elected to bat.

Hampshire First Innings
254 All Out (79.3 Overs)

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FS Organlbw b Roach8122066.67
FS Middletonc Smith b Clark32626051.61
NRT Gubbinsb Roach2120016.67
JM Vincec Sibley b Abbott18233078.26
LA Dawsonb Lawes150020.00
BC Brownlbw b Lawes9516711056.89
IG Hollandc Steel b Worrall5290017.24
KHD Barkerc Smith b Lawes581307044.62
JK FullerNot Out23*264088.46
KJ Abbottb Lawes2130015.38
Mohammad AbbasRun Out0000
Extras4nb 0w 0b 6lb10
Innings Total
(79.3 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
8 - 1FS Organ2.6
10 - 2NRT Gubbins6.2
38 - 3JM Vince12.1
39 - 4LA Dawson13.2
88 - 5FS Middleton25.6
114 - 6IG Holland35.4
210 - 7BC Brown70.3
249 - 8KHD Barker76.2
253 - 9KJ Abbott78.6
254 - 10Mohammad Abbas79.3
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KAJ Roach16.0 Overs-96 Balls16323.93
DJ Worrall16.0 Overs-96 Balls23111.93
SA Abbott16.0 Overs-96 Balls35213.25
TE Lawes16.0 Overs-96 Balls05843.62
J Clark13.3 Overs-81 Balls23212.37
CT Steel2.0 Overs-12 Balls01206.00

Surrey First Innings
270 All Out (85.5 Overs)

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RJ Burnsc Brown b Mohammad Abbas451165038.79
DP Sibleyc Dawson b Mohammad Abbas16560028.57
OJD Popeb Mohammad Abbas9115710057.96
RS Patelc Vince b Fuller20523038.46
J Clarklbw b Abbott3170017.65
JL Smithb Abbott11312035.48
CT Steelc Middleton b Fuller11360130.56
SA AbbottNot Out52*4072130.00
TE Laweslbw b Mohammad Abbas01000.00
KAJ Roachlbw b Mohammad Abbas591055.56
DJ Worrallb Mohammad Abbas230066.67
Extras6nb 0w 1b 7lb14
Innings Total
(85.5 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
44 - 1DP Sibley21.4
81 - 2RJ Burns31.4
124 - 3RS Patel44.6
134 - 4J Clark52.4
162 - 5JL Smith62.2
201 - 6CT Steel73.6
234 - 7OJD Pope81.1
234 - 8TE Lawes81.2
246 - 9KAJ Roach83.4
270 - 10DJ Worrall85.5
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KHD Barker17.0 Overs-102 Balls26203.64
Mohammad Abbas27.5 Overs-167 Balls86462.29
KJ Abbott21.0 Overs-126 Balls75422.57
JK Fuller11.0 Overs-66 Balls14724.27
IG Holland9.0 Overs-54 Balls13503.88

Hampshire Second Innings
258 All Out (88.0 Overs)

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FS Organc Sibley b Worrall11281039.29
FS Middletonb Worrall15232065.22
NRT Gubbinsc Sibley b Lawes8419910042.21
JM Vincec Pope b Abbott130033.33
LA Dawsonb Lawes10320031.25
BC Brownlbw b Worrall32582155.17
IG HollandNot Out46*1373033.58
JK Fullerc Patel b Roach23262088.46
KJ Abbottb Roach591055.56
KHD Barkerc Smith b Worrall6141042.86
Mohammad Abbaslbw b Worrall04000.00
Extras10nb 0w 5b 10lb25
Innings Total
(88.0 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
28 - 1FS Middleton7.5
33 - 2FS Organ9.3
34 - 3JM Vince10.2
58 - 4LA Dawson18.6
119 - 5BC Brown41.4
208 - 6NRT Gubbins71.1
241 - 7JK Fuller80.3
247 - 8KJ Abbott82.5
258 - 9KHD Barker87.2
258 - 10Mohammad Abbas87.6
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KAJ Roach18.0 Overs-108 Balls34322.38
DJ Worrall17.0 Overs-102 Balls44052.35
SA Abbott17.0 Overs-102 Balls34012.35
TE Lawes18.0 Overs-108 Balls27424.11
J Clark14.0 Overs-84 Balls23602.57
CT Steel4.0 Overs-24 Balls01002.50

Surrey Second Innings
247 for 1 (55.2 Overs)

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RJ Burnsc Vince b Abbott35873040.23
DP SibleyNot Out79*14410054.86
OJD PopeNot Out122*102143119.61
RS Patel0000
JL Smith0000
CT Steel0000
J Clark0000
SA Abbott0000
TE Lawes0000
KAJ Roach0000
DJ Worrall0000
Extras2nb 0w 4b 5lb11
Innings Total
(55.2 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
54 - 1RJ Burns24.6
247 - 255.2
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KHD Barker11.0 Overs-66 Balls14203.81
Mohammad Abbas14.0 Overs-84 Balls44403.14
KJ Abbott11.0 Overs-66 Balls23613.27
JK Fuller9.0 Overs-54 Balls05105.66
IG Holland5.0 Overs-30 Balls12404.80
LA Dawson3.0 Overs-18 Balls02408.00
FS Organ2.2 Overs-14 Balls01707.28


RJ Burns
DP Sibley
OJD Pope
RS Patel
J Clark
JL Smith
CT Steel
SA Abbott
TE Lawes
KAJ Roach
DJ Worrall
FS Organ
FS Middleton
NRT Gubbins
JM Vince
LA Dawson
BC Brown
IG Holland
KHD Barker
JK Fuller
KJ Abbott
Mohammad Abbas