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Match Scorecard

Surrey vs Hampshire Thursday 14th April 2022 - 11:00am

Surrey win by an innings and 17 runs

LV= Insurance County Championship Division One 2022 / Thursday 14th April 2022 - 11:00am

Hampshire won the toss and elected to bowl.

Surrey First Innings
467 All Out (142.1 Overs)

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Rory Burnsc Liam Dawsonb Ian Holland21422050.00
Ryan Patelc Mohammad Abbasb James Fuller581119052.25
Hashim Amlac Ben Brownb Ian Holland731737042.20
Ollie Popec Liam Dawsonb Keith Barker12721512159.07
Ben Foakesb Kyle Abbott451236036.59
Jamie Smithlbw Keith Barkerb Keith Barker14323043.75
Will Jackslbw Keith Barkerb Keith Barker72866483.72
Jordan Clarkb Kyle Abbott14290048.28
Jamie Overtonlbw Kyle Abbottb Kyle Abbott590055.56
Kemar Roachlbw Keith Barkerb Keith Barker3240012.50
James TaylorNot Out0*14000.00
Extras10nb 2w 15b 8lb35
All Out
(142.1 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
39 - 1Rory Burns12.4
119 - 2Ryan Patel37.2
233 - 3Hashim Amla70.3
340 - 4Ben Foakes107.6
354 - 5Ollie Pope112.4
367 - 6Jamie Smith116.5
406 - 7Jordan Clark127.2
412 - 8Jamie Overton129.2
419 - 9Kemar Roach134.4
467 - 10Will Jacks142.1
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Keith Barker27.198042.96
Mohammad Abbas31.076702.16
Kyle Abbott29.039233.17
Ian Holland19.035923.11
Liam Dawson13.023402.62
James Fuller22.0211015.00
Felix Organ1.00202.00

Hampshire First Innings
223 All Out (56.1 Overs)

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Joe Weatherleyb Jordan Clark5510100.00
Ian Hollandlbw Jordan Clarkb Jordan Clark23614037.70
Nick Gubbinsc Ben Foakesb Jamie Overton211840116.67
James Vinceb Kemar Roach180012.50
Liam Dawsonb Jamie Overton340075.00
Ben Brownb Will Jacks49767064.47
Felix Organc Jamie Smithb Will Jacks12461026.09
Keith Barkerc Ben Foakesb Jamie Overton57689283.82
James Fullerb Jamie Overton41486085.42
Kyle Abbottc Jamie Smithb Jamie Overton02000.00
Mohammad AbbasNot Out0*4000.00
Extras6nb 0w 4b 1lb11
All Out
(56.1 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
7 - 1Joe Weatherley1.1
48 - 2Nick Gubbins6.3
49 - 3James Vince9.4
52 - 4Liam Dawson10.2
83 - 5Ian Holland22.4
123 - 6Ben Brown35.2
132 - 7Felix Organ37.4
222 - 8Keith Barker54.4
222 - 9Kyle Abbott54.6
223 - 10James Fuller56.1
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Kemar Roach6.213015.00
Jordan Clark18.066723.72
Jamie Overton12.115454.50
Will Jacks9.404224.67
James Taylor9.022402.67
Ryan Patel1.00101.00

Hampshire Second Innings
227 All Out (62.5 Overs)

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Joe Weatherleyc Ben Foakesb Jamie Overton87969190.63
Ian Hollandc Ollie Popeb James Taylor8141057.14
Nick Gubbinsc Ben Foakesb Jordan Clark6121050.00
James Vincec Ben Foakesb James Taylor571028055.88
Liam Dawsonc Ryan Patelb Jamie Overton390033.33
Ben BrownNot Out30*932032.26
Felix Organc Will Jacksb Jamie Overton5180027.78
Keith Barkerlbw James Taylorb James Taylor571071.43
James Fullerb Jordan Clark12141085.71
Kyle Abbottlbw Jordan Clarkb Jordan Clark03000.00
Mohammad Abbasc Ollie Popeb Jordan Clark012000.00
Extras6nb 0w 4b 4lb14
All Out
(62.5 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
18 - 1Ian Holland5.2
41 - 2Nick Gubbins10.1
141 - 3Joe Weatherley29.4
151 - 4Liam Dawson33.2
181 - 5James Vince44.6
192 - 6Felix Organ51.1
197 - 7Keith Barker52.3
225 - 8James Fuller58.1
225 - 9Kyle Abbott58.4
227 - 10Mohammad Abbas62.5
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Jamie Overton15.025333.53
James Taylor19.035632.95
Jordan Clark13.535544.23
Will Jacks12.033202.67
Ryan Patel3.002307.67


Rory Burns
Ryan Patel
Hashim Amla
Ollie Pope
Ben Foakes
Jamie Smith
Will Jacks
Jamie Overton
Jordan Clark
James Taylor
Kemar Roach
Joe Weatherley
Ian Holland
Nick Gubbins
James Vince
Liam Dawson
Ben Brown
Felix Organ
Keith Barker
James Fuller
Kyle Abbott
Mohammad Abbas