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Match Scorecard

Surrey vs Hampshire Thursday 14th April 2022 - 11:00am

Surrey win by an innings and 17 runs

LV= Insurance County Championship / Thursday 14th April 2022 - 11:00am

Hampshire won the toss and elected to field.

Surrey First Innings
467 All Out (142.1 Overs)

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RJ Burnsc Dawson b Holland21422050.00
RS Patelc Mohammad Abbas b Fuller581119052.25
HM Amlac Brown b Holland731737042.20
OJD Popec Dawson b Barker12721512159.07
BT Foakesb Abbott451236036.59
JL Smithlbw b Barker14323043.75
WG Jackslbw b Barker72866483.72
J Clarkb Abbott14290048.28
J Overtonlbw b Abbott590055.56
KAJ Roachlbw b Barker3240012.50
JPA TaylorNot Out0*14000.00
Extras10nb 2w 15b 8lb35
Innings Total
(142.1 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
39 - 1RJ Burns12.4
119 - 2RS Patel37.2
233 - 3HM Amla70.3
340 - 4BT Foakes107.6
354 - 5OJD Pope112.4
367 - 6JL Smith116.5
406 - 7J Clark127.2
412 - 8J Overton129.2
419 - 9KAJ Roach134.4
467 - 10WG Jacks142.1
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KHD Barker27.1 Overs-163 Balls98042.94
Mohammad Abbas31.0 Overs-186 Balls76702.16
KJ Abbott29.0 Overs-174 Balls39233.17
IG Holland19.0 Overs-114 Balls35923.10
LA Dawson13.0 Overs-78 Balls23402.61
JK Fuller22.0 Overs-132 Balls211015.00
FS Organ1.0 Overs-6 Balls0202.00

Hampshire First Innings
223 All Out (56.1 Overs)

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JJ Weatherleyb Clark5510100.00
IG Hollandlbw b Clark23614037.70
NRT Gubbinsc Foakes b Overton211840116.67
JM Vinceb Roach180012.50
LA Dawsonb Overton340075.00
BC Brownb Jacks49767064.47
FS Organc Smith b Jacks12461026.09
KHD Barkerc Foakes b Overton57689283.82
JK Fullerb Overton41486085.42
KJ Abbottc Smith b Overton02000.00
Mohammad AbbasNot Out0*4000.00
Extras6nb 0w 4b 1lb11
Innings Total
(56.1 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
7 - 1JJ Weatherley1.1
48 - 2NRT Gubbins6.3
49 - 3JM Vince9.4
52 - 4LA Dawson10.2
83 - 5IG Holland22.4
123 - 6BC Brown35.2
132 - 7FS Organ37.4
222 - 8KHD Barker54.4
222 - 9KJ Abbott54.6
223 - 10JK Fuller56.1
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KAJ Roach6.2 Overs-38 Balls13014.73
J Clark18.0 Overs-108 Balls66723.72
J Overton12.1 Overs-73 Balls15454.43
WG Jacks9.4 Overs-58 Balls04224.34
JPA Taylor9.0 Overs-54 Balls22402.66
RS Patel1.0 Overs-6 Balls0101.00

Hampshire Second Innings
227 All Out (62.5 Overs)

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JJ Weatherleyc Foakes b Overton87969190.63
IG Hollandc Pope b Taylor8141057.14
NRT Gubbinsc Foakes b Clark6121050.00
JM Vincec Foakes b Taylor571028055.88
LA Dawsonc Patel b Overton390033.33
BC BrownNot Out30*932032.26
FS Organc Jacks b Overton5180027.78
KHD Barkerlbw b Taylor571071.43
JK Fullerb Clark12141085.71
KJ Abbottb Clark03000.00
Mohammad Abbasc Pope b Clark012000.00
Extras6nb 0w 4b 4lb14
Innings Total
(62.5 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
18 - 1IG Holland5.2
41 - 2NRT Gubbins10.1
141 - 3JJ Weatherley29.4
151 - 4LA Dawson33.2
181 - 5JM Vince44.6
192 - 6FS Organ51.1
197 - 7KHD Barker52.3
225 - 8JK Fuller58.1
225 - 9KJ Abbott58.4
227 - 10Mohammad Abbas62.5
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J Overton15.0 Overs-90 Balls25333.53
JPA Taylor19.0 Overs-114 Balls35632.94
J Clark13.5 Overs-83 Balls35543.97
WG Jacks12.0 Overs-72 Balls33202.66
RS Patel3.0 Overs-18 Balls02307.66


RJ Burns
RS Patel
HM Amla
OJD Pope
BT Foakes
JL Smith
WG Jacks
J Clark
J Overton
KAJ Roach
JPA Taylor
JJ Weatherley
IG Holland
NRT Gubbins
JM Vince
LA Dawson
BC Brown
FS Organ
KHD Barker
JK Fuller
KJ Abbott
Mohammad Abbas