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Match Scorecard

Surrey vs Kent Thursday 12th May 2022 - 11:00am

Match Drawn

LV= Insurance County Championship Division One 2022 / Thursday 12th May 2022 - 11:00am

Surrey won the toss and elected to bat.

Surrey First Innings
671 for 9 (173.0 Overs)

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Rory Burnslbw Nathan Gilchristb Nathan Gilchrist30871034.48
Ryan Patelc Zak Crawleyb Matthew Quinn7610411173.08
Hashim Amlac Ollie Robinsonb Nathan Gilchrist12282042.86
Ollie Popec Ollie Robinsonb Darren Stevens961847052.17
Ben Foakesc Ollie Robinsonb Matthew Quinn911669054.82
Jamie Overtonb George Linde9392103101.09
Sam Curranc Ollie Robinsonb George Linde78959182.11
Colin de Grandhommerun out Matthew Quinn661037064.08
Will Jacksc Jordan Coxb Nathan Gilchrist20331060.61
Jordan ClarkNot Out54*786069.23
Daniel WorrallNot Out44*693163.77
Extras2nb 1w 1b 7lb11
(173.0 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
106 - 1Ryan Patel31.2
106 - 2Rory Burns32.3
123 - 3Hashim Amla38.5
301 - 4Ollie Pope89.3
332 - 5Ben Foakes99.4
458 - 6Jamie Overton118.2
517 - 7Sam Curran134.6
559 - 8Will Jacks145.2
587 - 9Colin de Grandhomme153.5
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Matthew Milnes25.0111304.52
Darren Stevens27.0610213.78
Matthew Quinn30.079923.30
Nathan Gilchrist27.0112134.48
George Linde48.0416523.44
Jack Leaning12.005504.58
Daniel Bell-Drummond4.00802.00

Kent First Innings
230 All Out (82.5 Overs)

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Ben Comptonc Ben Foakesb Will Jacks471115042.34
Zak Crawleyc Ben Foakesb Daniel Worrall17332051.52
Daniel Bell-Drummondc Ollie Popeb Jamie Overton13521025.00
Jack Leaningb Will Jacks9192047.37
Jordan Coxc Ben Foakesb Daniel Worrall12312038.71
Ollie Robinsonc Will Jacksb Jamie Overton711475048.30
Darren Stevensb Jamie Overton7171041.18
George Lindec Rory Burnsb Will Jacks26285092.86
Matthew Milnesc Ollie Popeb Colin de Grandhomme13372035.14
Nathan Gilchristc Sam Curranb Will Jacks570071.43
Matthew QuinnNot Out1*15006.67
Extras0nb 0w 0b 9lb9
All Out
(82.5 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
22 - 1Zak Crawley9.6
71 - 2Daniel Bell-Drummond28.3
90 - 3Jack Leaning33.6
97 - 4Ben Compton37.3
109 - 5Jordan Cox44.6
125 - 6Darren Stevens50.4
166 - 7George Linde59.3
207 - 8Matthew Milnes74.2
224 - 9Nathan Gilchrist77.2
230 - 10Ollie Robinson82.5
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Sam Curran5.001503.00
Daniel Worrall18.074122.28
Jordan Clark13.023502.69
Will Jacks30.086542.17
Jamie Overton9.523333.67
Colin de Grandhomme7.003214.57

Kent Second Innings
114 for 1 (41.2 Overs)

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Zak Crawleyb Will Jacks35944037.23
Ben ComptonNot Out63*1258050.40
Matthew MilnesNot Out16*293055.17
Daniel Bell-Drummond
Jack Leaning
Jordan Cox
Ollie Robinson
George Linde
Darren Stevens
Matthew Quinn
Nathan Gilchrist
Extras0nb 0w 0b 0lb0
(41.2 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
82 - 1Zak Crawley30.3
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Daniel Worrall7.012804.00
Jordan Clark10.022902.90
Will Jacks12.032712.25
Jamie Overton5.202104.20
Colin de Grandhomme5.05000.00
Sam Curran2.00904.50


Ben Compton
Zak Crawley
Daniel Bell-Drummond
Jack Leaning
Jordan Cox
Ollie Robinson
George Linde
Darren Stevens
Matthew Milnes
Matthew Quinn
Nathan Gilchrist
Rory Burns
Ryan Patel
Hashim Amla
Ollie Pope
Ben Foakes
Sam Curran
Colin de Grandhomme
Will Jacks
Jordan Clark
Jamie Overton
Daniel Worrall