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Match Scorecard

Surrey vs Leicestershire Saturday 7th August 2021 - 11:00am

Leicestershire win by 1 run (DLS Method)

Royal London Cup 2021 / Saturday 7th August 2021 - 11:00am

Surrey won the toss and elected to bowl.

Leicestershire First Innings
253 for 9 (50.0 Overs)

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Rishi Patelc Matt Dunnb Rikki Clarke20311064.52
Harry Swindellsc James Taylorb Cameron Steel75965178.13
Arron Lilleyc Tim Davidb James Taylor412842146.43
Lewis Hillc Nico Reiferb Cameron Steel11150073.33
George Rhodesc Ryan Patelb Cameron Steel3110027.27
Louis Kimberb Cameron Steel10260038.46
Ben Mikelbw Daniel Moriartyb Daniel Moriarty11260042.31
Rehan Ahmedrun out Ryan Patel360050.00
Ed BarnesNot Out33*360191.67
Gavin Griffithsc Jamie Smithb Conor McKerr8161050.00
Will DavisNot Out15*1210125.00
Extras6nb 16w 0b 1lb23
(50.0 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
31 - 1Rishi Patel7.6
88 - 2Arron Lilley16.5
124 - 3Lewis Hill23.2
132 - 4George Rhodes25.3
166 - 5Louis Kimber33.1
177 - 6Harry Swindells35.4
183 - 7Rehan Ahmed38.3
192 - 8Ben Mike40.5
217 - 9Gavin Griffiths45.4
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Matt Dunn8.003904.88
Rikki Clarke6.002013.33
Daniel Moriarty9.005716.33
Conor McKerr9.006116.78
James Taylor6.002714.50
Cameron Steel10.013343.30
Ryan Patel2.001507.50

Surrey First Innings
225 All Out (38.5 Overs)

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Cameron Steelc Louis Kimberb Ed Barnes05000.00
Ben Geddesc Harry Swindellsb George Rhodes21362058.33
Ryan Patellbw Rehan Ahmedb Rehan Ahmed523382157.58
Jamie Smithc Arron Lilleyb Rehan Ahmed34443177.27
Rikki Clarkelbw Ben Mikeb Ben Mike82849397.62
Nico Reiferc Harry Swindellsb Ben Mike280025.00
Tim Davidc Harry Swindellsb Ed Barnes111010110.00
Conor McKerrc Arron Lilleyb Gavin Griffiths8111072.73
Daniel Moriartyrun out Arron Lilley120050.00
Matt Dunnb Ben Mike120050.00
James TaylorNot Out0*000
Extras4nb 1w 4b 4lb13
All Out
(38.5 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
0 - 1Cameron Steel0.5
76 - 2Ryan Patel10.6
89 - 3Ben Geddes13.2
173 - 4Jamie Smith28.3
183 - 5Nico Reifer31.1
202 - 6Tim David34.2
217 - 7Conor McKerr37.5
224 - 8Rikki Clarke38.2
225 - 9Daniel Moriarty38.4
225 - 10Matt Dunn38.5
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Ed Barnes8.013424.25
Will Davis5.004809.60
Gavin Griffiths6.005018.33
Rehan Ahmed8.012523.13
George Rhodes4.001513.75
Arron Lilley2.001105.50
Ben Mike5.503436.80


Rishi Patel
Harry Swindells
George Rhodes
Lewis Hill
Arron Lilley
Louis Kimber
Ben Mike
Rehan Ahmed
Ed Barnes
Gavin Griffiths
Will Davis
Ben Geddes
Cameron Steel
Ryan Patel
Jamie Smith
Rikki Clarke
Nico Reifer
Tim David
Conor McKerr
James Taylor
Daniel Moriarty
Matt Dunn