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Match Scorecard

Surrey vs Leicestershire Tuesday 2nd August 2022 - 11:00am

Leicestershire win by 7 wickets

Royal London Cup 2022 / Tuesday 2nd August 2022 - 11:00am

Leicestershire won the toss and elected to bowl.

Surrey First Innings
246 for 8 (50.0 Overs)

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Ben Geddesc Lewis Hillb Chris Wright73859185.88
Ryan Patellbw Beuran Hendricksb Beuran Hendricks02000.00
Cameron Steelc Harry Swindellsb Beuran Hendricks9202045.00
Josh Blakelbw Arron Lilleyb Arron Lilley44665066.67
Tom Lawesc Harry Swindellsb Tom Scriven21363058.33
Nico ReiferNot Out45*483093.75
Nick Kimberb Beuran Hendricks272321117.39
Conor McKerrc Arron Lilleyb Tom Scriven02000.00
Amar Virdib Beuran Hendricks4130030.77
Matt DunnNot Out10*620166.67
Yousef Majid
Extras2nb 7w 0b 4lb13
(50.0 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
8 - 1Ryan Patel1.2
20 - 2Cameron Steel5.5
125 - 3Josh Blake27.4
134 - 4Ben Geddes30.4
168 - 5Tom Lawes37.2
212 - 6Nick Kimber44.5
213 - 7Conor McKerr45.2
226 - 8Amar Virdi48.1
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Chris Wright10.003813.80
Beuran Hendricks10.013943.90
Wiaan Mulder10.015505.50
Tom Scriven9.004625.11
Nat Bowley5.003206.40
Arron Lilley6.003215.33

Leicestershire First Innings
248 for 3 (40.0 Overs)

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Nick WelchNot Out127*125161101.60
Rishi Patelc Nico Reiferb Tom Lawes05000.00
Louis Kimberc Nick Kimberb Conor McKerr22244091.67
Lewis Hillb Yousef Majid17251068.00
Wiaan MulderNot Out71*6582109.23
Arron Lilley
Nat Bowley
Beuran Hendricks
Tom Scriven
Harry Swindells
Chris Wright
Extras8nb 3w 0b 0lb11
(40.0 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
2 - 1Rishi Patel1.6
65 - 2Louis Kimber10.3
107 - 3Lewis Hill18.5
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Matt Dunn5.003106.20
Tom Lawes5.003316.60
Conor McKerr8.004916.13
Cameron Steel10.007507.50
Yousef Majid7.001912.71
Amar Virdi3.002006.67
Nick Kimber2.0021010.50


Ryan Patel
Ben Geddes
Cameron Steel
Nico Reifer
Josh Blake
Nick Kimber
Conor McKerr
Amar Virdi
Matt Dunn
Yousef Majid
Tom Lawes
Nick Welch
Lewis Hill
Arron Lilley
Wiaan Mulder
Rishi Patel
Louis Kimber
Nat Bowley
Beuran Hendricks
Tom Scriven
Harry Swindells
Chris Wright