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Match Scorecard

Surrey vs Northamptonshire Thursday 5th May 2022 - 11:00am

Surrey win by an innings and 5 runs

LV= Insurance County Championship Division One 2022 / Thursday 5th May 2022 - 11:00am

Northamptonshire won the toss and elected to bowl.

Surrey First Innings
401 All Out (126.3 Overs)

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Rory Burnsc Tom Taylorb Ben Sanderson10725911041.31
Ryan Patelc Simon Kerriganb Luke Procter19503038.00
Hashim Amlab Luke Procter21533039.62
Will Jackslbw Luke Procterb Luke Procter01000.00
Ben Foakesc Lewis McManusb Tom Taylor16513031.37
Sam Curranc Ricardo Vasconcelosb Tom Taylor731439151.05
Colin de GrandhommeCaught (Sub) Bowled Ben Sandersonb Ben Sanderson11162068.75
Gus AtkinsonNot Out66*9812067.35
Jordan Clarkc Lewis McManusb Ben Sanderson270028.57
Jamie Overtonc Lewis McManusb Rob Keogh59815372.84
Daniel Worrallc Luke Procterb Rob Keogh6201300.00
Extras4nb 0w 10b 7lb21
All Out
(126.3 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
31 - 1Ryan Patel16.3
87 - 2Hashim Amla34.5
87 - 3Will Jacks34.6
133 - 4Ben Foakes52.5
228 - 5Rory Burns86.5
246 - 6Colin de Grandhomme90.4
268 - 7Sam Curran99.4
271 - 8Jordan Clark102.4
395 - 9Jamie Overton126.1
401 - 10Daniel Worrall126.3
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Ben Sanderson31.087232.32
Matthew Kelly25.029003.60
Tom Taylor24.086722.79
Luke Procter23.076832.96
Simon Kerrigan16.015603.50
Rob Keogh7.303124.43

Northamptonshire First Innings
194 All Out (74.5 Overs)

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Will Younglbw Jordan Clarkb Jordan Clark2180011.11
Emilio Gayc Sam Curranb Jordan Clark12202060.00
Ricardo Vasconcelosc Ben Foakesb Daniel Worrall14222063.64
Luke ProcterNot Out83*1969142.35
Rob Keoghc Ben Foakesb Colin de Grandhomme16232069.57
Saif Zaibc Ben Foakesb Jamie Overton227007.41
Lewis McManusc Sam Curranb Jordan Clark23484047.92
Tom Taylorc Will Jacksb Colin de Grandhomme2110018.18
Matthew Kellyc Ben Foakesb Daniel Worrall17513033.33
Simon Kerriganlbw Colin de Grandhommeb Colin de Grandhomme12312038.71
Ben Sandersonc Hashim Amlab Colin de Grandhomme450080.00
Extras6nb 0w 0b 1lb7
All Out
(74.5 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
5 - 1Will Young3.3
28 - 2Emilio Gay9.4
28 - 3Ricardo Vasconcelos10.2
53 - 4Rob Keogh17.4
73 - 5Saif Zaib27.2
111 - 6Lewis McManus43.3
126 - 7Tom Taylor48.2
154 - 8Matthew Kelly64.1
178 - 9Simon Kerrigan72.6
194 - 10Ben Sanderson74.5
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Daniel Worrall18.043221.78
Jordan Clark18.035533.06
Colin de Grandhomme14.523942.79
Jamie Overton13.024113.15
Gus Atkinson8.032403.00
Will Jacks3.01200.67

Northamptonshire Second Innings
202 All Out (57.5 Overs)

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Ricardo Vasconcelosc Ben Foakesb Jordan Clark224008.33
Will Youngc Ben Foakesb Daniel Worrall3100030.00
Emilio Gayc Ben Foakesb Gus Atkinson51739069.86
Luke Procterc Sam Curranb Gus Atkinson9361025.00
Rob Keoghb Daniel Worrall15342044.12
Saif Zaiblbw Jamie Overtonb Jamie Overton8171047.06
Lewis McManusc Ben Foakesb Jordan Clark16332048.48
Tom Taylorc Jamie Overtonb Colin de Grandhomme18333054.55
Matthew Kellyc Colin de Grandhommeb Gus Atkinson33634052.38
Simon Kerriganc Colin de Grandhommeb Daniel Worrall252550100.00
Ben SandersonNot Out5*210250.00
Extras6nb 1w 7b 3lb17
All Out
(57.5 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
8 - 1Ricardo Vasconcelos5.3
8 - 2Will Young6.1
61 - 3Luke Procter19.2
86 - 4Emilio Gay25.2
101 - 5Saif Zaib30.3
118 - 6Rob Keogh36.3
126 - 7Lewis McManus39.1
142 - 8Tom Taylor46.3
192 - 9Simon Kerrigan56.2
202 - 10Matthew Kelly57.5
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Daniel Worrall14.033732.64
Jordan Clark14.034323.07
Colin de Grandhomme10.034614.60
Jamie Overton12.034013.33
Gus Atkinson7.512633.71


Rory Burns
Ryan Patel
Hashim Amla
Will Jacks
Ben Foakes
Sam Curran
Colin de Grandhomme
Gus Atkinson
Jordan Clark
Jamie Overton
Daniel Worrall
Ricardo Vasconcelos
Will Young
Emilio Gay
Luke Procter
Rob Keogh
Saif Zaib
Lewis McManus
Tom Taylor
Simon Kerrigan
Matthew Kelly
Ben Sanderson