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Match Scorecard

Surrey vs Somerset Thursday 21st April 2022 - 11:00am

Surrey win by 3 wickets

LV= Insurance County Championship Division One 2022 / Thursday 21st April 2022 - 11:00am

Somerset won the toss and elected to bat.

Somerset First Innings
337 All Out (116.4 Overs)

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Matthew Renshawc Ollie Popeb Jamie Overton481175041.03
Tom Lammonbyc Ollie Popeb Reece Topley8350022.86
Tom AbellNot Out150*29822050.34
Tom Bantonc Ben Foakesb Jordan Clark16433037.21
James Hildrethc Hashim Amlab Will Jacks54907060.00
Steve Daviesc Ben Foakesb Jordan Clark02000.00
Craig Overtonc Sam Curranb Reece Topley7121058.33
Josh Daveyc Will Jacksb Jordan Clark27405067.50
Jack Leachc Rory Burnsb James Taylor6490012.24
Peter Siddlerun out Sam Curran7111063.64
Jack Brooksc Jamie Overtonb Reece Topley06000.00
Extras6nb 0w 0b 8lb14
All Out
(116.4 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
12 - 1Tom Lammonby9.6
78 - 2Matthew Renshaw38.1
120 - 3Tom Banton52.2
223 - 4James Hildreth79.6
224 - 5Steve Davies80.4
237 - 6Craig Overton83.3
296 - 7Josh Davey98.4
325 - 8Jack Leach111.5
336 - 9Peter Siddle115.3
337 - 10Jack Brooks116.4
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Jordan Clark28.066632.36
Sam Curran10.042102.10
Reece Topley26.4116232.38
Jamie Overton20.008314.15
James Taylor15.044713.13
Will Jacks14.014112.93
Ryan Patel3.00903.00

Surrey First Innings
308 All Out (100.0 Overs)

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Rory Burnsc Steve Daviesb Craig Overton12442027.27
Ryan Patelc Jack Leachb Peter Siddle5200025.00
Hashim Amlac Craig Overtonb Jack Brooks15312048.39
Ollie Popec Tom Bantonb Craig Overton47737064.38
Ben Foakesc Matthew Renshawb Peter Siddle6313810045.65
Sam Curranc Matthew Renshawb Peter Siddle8012410164.52
Will Jacksc Matthew Renshawb Peter Siddle24754032.00
Jordan Clarklbw Jack Brooksb Jack Brooks10251040.00
Jamie OvertonNot Out27*452160.00
James Taylorc Steve Daviesb Peter Siddle9201045.00
Reece Topleyc Steve Daviesb Peter Siddle160016.67
Extras2nb 0w 4b 9lb15
All Out
(100.0 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
16 - 1Ryan Patel7.3
34 - 2Rory Burns14.5
48 - 3Hashim Amla17.2
128 - 4Ollie Pope44.3
173 - 5Ben Foakes58.6
246 - 6Will Jacks83.1
261 - 7Sam Curran85.1
287 - 8Jordan Clark94.1
298 - 9James Taylor97.6
308 - 10Reece Topley99.6
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Craig Overton26.048323.19
Peter Siddle26.095161.96
Jack Brooks18.028324.61
Josh Davey19.035302.79
Jack Leach11.032502.27

Somerset Second Innings
207 All Out (66.2 Overs)

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Matthew Renshawb Jamie Overton10331030.30
Tom Lammonbyc Ben Foakesb Jordan Clark30415073.17
Tom Abellc Ben Foakesb Ryan Patel53688077.94
Tom Bantonc Ben Foakesb Reece Topley521105047.27
James Hildrethc Jamie Overtonb Jordan Clark5111045.45
Steve Daviesc Ben Foakesb Reece Topley180012.50
Craig Overtonb Reece Topley03000.00
Josh Daveyc Jamie Overtonb Jordan Clark12630019.05
Jack Leachb Jamie Overton17371045.95
Peter Siddlec Ollie Popeb Jordan Clark2150013.33
Jack BrooksNot Out7*100070.00
Extras2nb 0w 7b 9lb18
All Out
(66.2 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
37 - 1Tom Lammonby10.6
43 - 2Matthew Renshaw13.6
132 - 3Tom Abell33.6
141 - 4James Hildreth38.5
155 - 5Steve Davies44.1
155 - 6Craig Overton44.4
158 - 7Tom Banton46.1
189 - 8Jack Leach57.6
196 - 9Peter Siddle62.5
207 - 10Josh Davey66.2
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Reece Topley19.045532.89
Jordan Clark21.245242.48
Jamie Overton15.023922.60
Will Jacks3.001806.00
Ryan Patel8.002713.38

Surrey Second Innings
239 for 7 (67.5 Overs)

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Rory Burnsc Josh Daveyb Jack Brooks17393043.59
Ryan Patelc Steve Daviesb Josh Davey10213314076.69
Hashim Amlac Steve Daviesb Peter Siddle14481029.17
Ollie Popec Tom Abellb Jack Brooks5100050.00
Ben FoakesNot Out48*1216039.67
Sam Curranc Steve Daviesb Jack Brooks333332100.00
Will Jacksc Tom Abellb Craig Overton170014.29
Jordan Clarkc Josh Daveyb Jack Brooks6151040.00
Jamie OvertonNot Out1*100100.00
James Taylor
Reece Topley
Extras0nb 0w 8b 4lb12
(67.5 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
45 - 1Rory Burns11.5
85 - 2Hashim Amla25.5
106 - 3Ollie Pope30.1
172 - 4Ryan Patel49.2
220 - 5Sam Curran61.1
221 - 6Will Jacks62.6
234 - 7Jordan Clark67.1
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Craig Overton15.025813.87
Peter Siddle12.013512.92
Jack Brooks18.517344.06
Josh Davey9.032212.44
Jack Leach11.033303.00
Matthew Renshaw2.00603.00


Rory Burns
Ryan Patel
Hashim Amla
Ollie Pope
Ben Foakes
Will Jacks
Jamie Overton
Jordan Clark
Sam Curran
James Taylor
Reece Topley
Tom Lammonby
Matthew Renshaw
Tom Abell
James Hildreth
Steve Davies
Tom Banton
Peter Siddle
Jack Leach
Jack Brooks
Josh Davey
Craig Overton