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Match Scorecard

Surrey vs Warwickshire Thursday 7th April 2022 - 11:00am

Match Drawn

LV= Insurance County Championship Division One 2022 / Thursday 7th April 2022 - 11:00am

Surrey won the toss and elected to bat.

Surrey First Innings
428 for 8 (136.0 Overs)

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Rory Burnsc Danny Briggsb Danny Briggs41775053.25
Ryan Patelc Michael Burgessb Oliver Hannon-Dalby751078270.09
Hashim Amlab Oliver Hannon-Dalby223008.70
Ollie Popeb Oliver Hannon-Dalby588511068.24
Ben FoakesNot Out132*26318150.19
Jamie Smithc Michael Burgessb Danny Briggs10371027.03
Will Jackslbw Oliver Hannon-Dalbyb Oliver Hannon-Dalby19422045.24
Jordan Clarkc Dan Mousleyb Rob Yates50919054.95
Kemar Roachc Sam Hainb Danny Briggs4180022.22
James TaylorNot Out31*733142.47
Reece Topley
Extras0nb 0w 0b 6lb6
(136.0 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
117 - 1Rory Burns29.6
117 - 2Ryan Patel30.4
126 - 3Hashim Amla36.6
191 - 4Ollie Pope56.3
216 - 5Jamie Smith71.2
255 - 6Will Jacks84.6
341 - 7Jordan Clark112.1
350 - 8Kemar Roach115.3
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Oliver Hannon-Dalby30.0117842.60
Craig Miles25.0610504.20
Henry Brookes28.089403.36
Will Rhodes9.014605.11
Danny Briggs39.088432.15
Rob Yates5.011513.00

Warwickshire First Innings
531 All Out (170.5 Overs)

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Rob Yateslbw Kemar Roachb Kemar Roach32596054.24
Dom Sibleyb Reece Topley01000.00
Will Rhodesc Ben Foakesb Kemar Roach6241025.00
Danny Briggsc Ben Foakesb Kemar Roach014000.00
Sam Hainb Jordan Clark782287034.21
Matthew Lambc Will Jacksb Reece Topley10613817176.81
Dan Mousleyc Ollie Popeb Jordan Clark431285033.59
Michael Burgessc Jordan Clarkb Will Jacks17822120880.54
Craig Milesc Ollie Popeb Reece Topley32605053.33
Henry Brookesc Ollie Popeb Ryan Patel29654044.62
Oliver Hannon-DalbyNot Out11*892012.36
Extras4nb 0w 4b 8lb16
All Out
(170.5 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
0 - 1Dom Sibley1.1
16 - 2Will Rhodes9.1
16 - 3Danny Briggs13.3
41 - 4Rob Yates17.4
198 - 5Matthew Lamb60.2
263 - 6Sam Hain96.2
280 - 7Dan Mousley100.3
335 - 8Craig Miles119.4
409 - 9Henry Brookes137.4
531 - 10Michael Burgess170.5
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Kemar Roach31.0810933.52
Reece Topley33.099732.94
Will Jacks36.579312.58
Jordan Clark26.086622.54
James Taylor28.0410103.61
Rory Burns5.01601.20
Ryan Patel11.024714.27

Surrey Second Innings
43 for 0 (13.1 Overs)

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Rory BurnsNot Out22*443050.00
Ryan PatelNot Out16*371143.24
Hashim Amla
Ollie Pope
Ben Foakes
Jamie Smith
Will Jacks
Jordan Clark
James Taylor
Kemar Roach
Reece Topley
Extras4nb 0w 0b 1lb5
(13.1 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
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Henry Brookes2.00904.50
Craig Miles3.001505.00
Rob Yates4.011002.50
Matthew Lamb3.01301.00
Dan Mousley1.00101.00
Sam Hain0.1040inf


Dom Sibley
Rob Yates
Will Rhodes
Sam Hain
Matthew Lamb
Dan Mousley
Michael Burgess
Danny Briggs
Craig Miles
Henry Brookes
Oliver Hannon-Dalby
Rory Burns
Ryan Patel
Hashim Amla
Ollie Pope
Ben Foakes
Jamie Smith
Will Jacks
Jordan Clark
James Taylor
Kemar Roach
Reece Topley