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Match Scorecard

Surrey vs Yorkshire Monday 11th July 2022 - 11:00am

Surrey win by 4 wickets

LV= Insurance County Championship Division One 2022 / Monday 11th July 2022 - 11:00am

Yorkshire won the toss and elected to bat.

Yorkshire First Innings
521 All Out (134.2 Overs)

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Adam Lythc Tom Lawesb Conor McKerr18330626459.80
George Hillc Ryan Patelb Daniel Worrall04000.00
James Whartonlbw Tom Lawesb Tom Lawes3170017.65
Will Frainec Will Jacksb Aaron Hardie14322043.75
William Luxtonc Ben Foakesb Will Jacks31425073.81
Matthew Waitec Will Jacksb Daniel Worrall15163093.75
Jonathan TattersallNot Out180*34423052.33
Dom Bessb Will Jacks29383076.32
Jordan Thompsonlbw Tom Lawesb Tom Lawes9520180.00
Steven Pattersonc Ben Foakesb Tom Lawes7190036.84
Shannon Gabrielb Tom Lawes01000.00
Extras36nb 1w 2b 11lb50
All Out
(134.2 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
1 - 1George Hill0.6
20 - 2James Wharton7.1
58 - 3Will Fraine17.1
106 - 4William Luxton29.1
125 - 5Matthew Waite34.1
430 - 6Adam Lyth111.4
480 - 7Dom Bess123.6
497 - 8Jordan Thompson126.3
521 - 9Steven Patterson134.1
521 - 10Shannon Gabriel134.2
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Daniel Worrall29.098322.86
Tom Lawes13.225143.92
Jamie Overton25.0510404.16
Aaron Hardie20.036613.30
Conor McKerr14.018315.93
Will Jacks18.027824.33
Rory Burns1.00505.00
Ryan Patel14.023802.71

Surrey First Innings
515 All Out (129.0 Overs)

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Rory Burnsb Shannon Gabriel13226019050.77
Ryan Patelc Jonathan Tattersallb Dom Bess29754138.67
Hashim Amlac Adam Lythb Jordan Thompson7913111160.31
Jamie Smithc Jonathan Tattersallb Dom Bess11242045.83
Ben FoakesNot Out86*15612155.13
Will Jacksb Jordan Thompson7101070.00
Aaron Hardieb Steven Patterson46498193.88
Jamie Overtonc Jordan Thompsonb Shannon Gabriel322851114.29
Tom Lawesc Jonathan Tattersallb Dom Bess13321040.63
Conor McKerrc Jonathan Tattersallb Dom Bess03000.00
Daniel Worrallc Jonathan Tattersallb Dom Bess262051130.00
Extras28nb 1w 13b 12lb54
All Out
(129.0 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
102 - 1Ryan Patel24.1
243 - 2Hashim Amla67.1
268 - 3Jamie Smith74.3
284 - 4Rory Burns85.4
303 - 5Will Jacks88.3
378 - 6Aaron Hardie101.5
432 - 7Jamie Overton111.4
467 - 8Tom Lawes120.2
467 - 9Conor McKerr120.5
515 - 10Daniel Worrall128.6
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Jordan Thompson25.059423.76
Shannon Gabriel21.039524.52
Steven Patterson25.048213.28
Matthew Waite17.046203.65
Dom Bess35.0312653.60
George Hill6.003105.17

Yorkshire Second Innings
220 All Out (64.5 Overs)

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Adam Lythc Ben Foakesb Jamie Overton26594044.07
George Hilllbw Jamie Overtonb Jamie Overton38748051.35
Dom Besslbw Jamie Overtonb Jamie Overton02000.00
James Whartonlbw Tom Lawesb Tom Lawes23563041.07
Will Frainelbw Daniel Worrallb Daniel Worrall180012.50
William Luxtonlbw Aaron Hardieb Aaron Hardie14293048.28
Matthew WaiteNot Out59*7710076.62
Jonathan Tattersalllbw Will Jacksb Will Jacks14661021.21
Jordan Thompsonc Will Jacksb Jamie Overton5510100.00
Steven Pattersonc Will Jacksb Jamie Overton481050.00
Shannon Gabrielc Ben Foakesb Jamie Overton5131038.46
Extras16nb 1w 8b 6lb31
All Out
(64.5 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
64 - 1Adam Lyth18.3
64 - 2Dom Bess18.5
73 - 3George Hill24.6
80 - 4Will Fraine29.1
111 - 5James Wharton36.3
123 - 6William Luxton37.6
175 - 7Jonathan Tattersall57.3
180 - 8Jordan Thompson58.2
188 - 9Steven Patterson60.3
220 - 10Shannon Gabriel64.5
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Daniel Worrall18.047414.11
Aaron Hardie11.041911.73
Jamie Overton17.526163.59
Will Jacks7.003014.29
Tom Lawes7.021512.14
Conor McKerr4.01701.75

Surrey Second Innings
228 for 6 (43.3 Overs)

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Rory Burnsc Jonathan Tattersallb Dom Bess20213095.24
Ryan Patelc Dom Bessb Steven Patterson27414065.85
Hashim Amlac James Whartonb Jordan Thompson28401170.00
Jamie Overtonlbw Jordan Thompsonb Jordan Thompson282422116.67
Will Jackslbw Shannon Gabrielb Shannon Gabriel272431112.50
Jamie Smithb Shannon Gabriel4110036.36
Ben FoakesNot Out42*4132102.44
Aaron HardieNot Out40*634163.49
Conor McKerr
Daniel Worrall
Tom Lawes
Extras8nb 2w 1b 1lb12
(43.3 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
32 - 1Rory Burns6.5
64 - 2Ryan Patel13.5
90 - 3Hashim Amla19.2
121 - 4Jamie Overton23.3
140 - 5Will Jacks25.5
147 - 6Jamie Smith27.2
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Jordan Thompson8.005026.25
Steven Patterson14.315313.79
Dom Bess18.0110515.83
Shannon Gabriel3.001826.00


Adam Lyth
George Hill
Will Fraine
Matthew Waite
William Luxton
Jonathan Tattersall
Dom Bess
Jordan Thompson
Steven Patterson
James Wharton
Shannon Gabriel
Rory Burns
Ryan Patel
Hashim Amla
Jamie Smith
Ben Foakes
Will Jacks
Aaron Hardie
Jamie Overton
Conor McKerr
Daniel Worrall
Tom Lawes