Members Bookings

How to book tickets for fixtures at the Kia Oval in 2019

Test Match/ODI Tickets for Members:

Friday 31st August: 2019 Membership becomes available to renew or purchase.

Friday 28th September: Surrey and England Members must confirm the retention of their selected seat for the 2019 season.

Monday 1st October – Friday 5th October: Surrey and England Members are able to change their seat allocation for the 2019 season, should they want to do so.

Saturday 6th October – Friday 12th October: New Members wanting to become Surrey and England Members – the Membership option whereby Members have an individually selected seat for International fixtures – are able to do so. County, Championship and T20 Members can also upgrade to Surrey and England Membership at this time. If Surrey and England Members have not confirmed their seat by Friday 28th September, their seat will be made available to purchase by new Surrey and England Members from Saturday 6th October.

Friday 19th October – Friday 26th October: Surrey and England Members can purchase a ticket in their reserved seat for the 2019 Internationals (Test and ODI).

Monday 29th October – Tuesday 30th October: Members outside of the Micky Stewart Members’ Pavilion can purchase 2019 International tickets within the Micky Stewart Members’ Pavilion that have not already been claimed by Surrey and England Members with designated seats in that area.

Friday 2nd November: All Members can purchase 2019 International tickets for themselves and use their guest allocation (outlined here and above). Membership for 2019 must have been purchased in advance of Friday 2nd November to guarantee tickets.

There are several ways that tickets can be purchased at the Kia Oval: Online, Telephone and at the Kia Oval Ticket Office.

How to purchase your tickets:


Fixtures at the Kia Oval can be purchased online at, and by using the below step-by-step instructions:

  • Please visit our online booking log-in screen (click here)
  • Once at the login screen, please ‘Activate Account’ which appears on the left-hand side of the screen under ‘Sign’In’
  • Once clicked, you will then be prompted to enter your Membership or client reference number and surname. Members should enter their Membership number, prefixed by an ‘M’, ensuring the number is 5 digits in length. e.g. Membership number 721 becomes M00721. Members with a six-digit Membership number need not do this.
  • Then click ‘Find Account’. You will then need to fill in your details and once finished, you will be able to view the matches which are available to buy.

Please note, if you have never used this facility before, or bought tickets with us, please click to REGISTER A NEW ACCOUNT.

If you have purchased online previously make sure you have your log-in details (email address and password).

Please note that if purchasing for other Members, you must re-assign the ticket to their Membership before proceeding to checkout.

Telephone Bookings

Tickets for all fixtures can be purchased by calling the Ticket Office on 0203 946 0100.

  • If you are a Member purchasing 2018 International tickets, you will need your Membership number (the letter ‘M’ followed by 5 digits, or a six-digit number).
  • You will then be required to confirm your details with the operator before securing your tickets.
  • If you are not a Member, but have booked with us before and would like to use your same account, you will need your client reference number (a six-digit number).
  • If you have not booked with us before, please call 0203 946 0100, where our Membership team can assist you.


At the Ground

Tickets can be purchased for fixtures that have not sold-out at the Kia Oval Ticket Office, situated by the Hobbs Gate at the Pavilion End of the Ground. Please click here to see the numerous options of how to get to the Kia Oval.

Tickets can be purchased using cash or card, and can be pre-purchased for future fixtures.


The Members’ Pavilion is strictly for Members only

You will not be able to buy tickets in the Pavilion for your guests for International and T20 Blast matches; should you do so, any tickets bought for non-Members will be cancelled. A Surrey Membership Card will be required for entry to the Pavilion on a International and T20 Blast match day.

Access to the Pavilion on International match days (without a ticket) will be based on stewards discretion and the Pavilion Capacity.

Members are allowed to buy tickets for their guests in the Pavilion for Specsavers County Championship and One Day Cup matches only.

If you would like to discuss any of the above please do not hesitate to contact our Membership and Ticket office:
0203 946 0100



  • I am calling the ticket office number, but I am getting no response/line is ringing out. Our phone lines are currently extremely busy. We have 25 staff members on-hand and your call will be taken as soon as an operator is free.
  • I can’t remember my password to log-in to my ticketing account. Click on this link: and click ‘forgot your log-in details?’. Enter your email address and a new password will be sent to you.
  • I am trying to buy for myself and another Member online. To process in one transaction we encourage you to link accounts.  Login to our e-ticketing site – click your name (top right-hand side) – My Network – Search & Add Member. When processing tickets over the phone for multiple Members please have their Membership numbers ready to assist the operator. If you are looking to purchase single seats for yourself and another Member in the Pavilion, you will need to call us on Monday on 0203 946 0100.
  • I can’t purchase the amount of tickets I am supposed to with my Membership category. What category of Membership do you hold with us? You can confirm your allocation here.
  • I have lost my Membership number. Login to your account and your Membership number will appear at the top right-hand side. If you are calling the ticket office, please have your registered postcode ready to assist the operator in finding your account.
  • My payment has been declined. We would encourage you to contact your card provider as large transactions can be blocked by your bank. We can take payment on an alternative card.
  • How many tickets can I purchase with a Surrey and England Membership? Surrey and England Members can purchase 8 tickets for the India Test and 4 for the Australia ODI.
  • How many tickets can I purchase with a County Adult Membership? Surrey County Adult Members can purchase 8 tickets for the India Test and 4 for the Australia ODI.
  • How many tickets can I purchase with a Championship Membership? Surrey Championship Members can purchase 2 tickets for the India Test and 2 for the Australia ODI.
  • How many tickets can I purchase with a County 16-21 Membership? Surrey County 16-21 Members can purchase 2 tickets for the India Test and 2 for the Australia ODI.
  • How many tickets can I purchase with a Pride of Lions Membership? Surrey Pride of Lions Members can purchase 2 tickets for the India Test and 2 for the Australia ODI.
  • I can’t purchase two junior ticket with my Pride of Lions Membership. A junior ticket must be accompanied by an adult ticket when purchasing. This is in compliance with our ground safety regulations.
  • I have purchased tickets but haven’t received a confirmation email.  Confirmation emails can take up to 24 hours to arrive during busy periods. You can view your purchased tickets via your online account.
  • Do I need to purchase a ticket for my child who is under the age of 2? Children under the age of two do not need a ticket for entry. Children over the age of two, but under 16, will need a junior ticket.
  • I am trying to activate my account, but the system says that the account already exists. Please login using your email address and password.  If this does not work, please click ‘forgot your log in details?’ which will send a new password to your email immediately. If this does not work, please email: where we will be happy to assist.
  • My log-in details do not work. If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new one via our ticketing site and click ‘forgot your log in details?’, enter your email address and a new password will be sent to you. If this does not work, please email: where we will be happy to assist.
  • I forgot to renew my Membership before the 3rd November. You can still renew your Membership at any point, but please note that this can only be done online tomorrow and that our system is busy processing tickets and so this may take longer than expected.
  • I have been incorrectly charged for tickets purchased. If you have any discrepancies for the tickets purchased, wait until you receive your confirmation email. If the email confirms an incorrect charge please contact the ticket office on Monday where we can resolve the problem and adjust your bookings.
  • When can I expect to receive my tickets? Tickets will be sent out within a minimum of 28 days prior to the fixture.
  • I have specific seating requirements for the international fixtures. If you have any specific requirements please contact the ticket office on 0203 946 0100 or where the operate will attempt to fulfil your requirements.
  • Can I purchase tickets via phone? A team of 25 are processing ticket payments via the phone on 0203 946 0100.
  • Can I make a group booking? You can only purchase your allocation of tickets. Additional tickets will become available during the general sale which will open towards the end of November.  Further details will be advertised on our website.
  • I am using an American Express Card but my payment is not processing. Please note that we do not accept American Express cards. Please use another card for purchasing your ticket.
  • What is the company name that will appear on my bank statement? On the bank statement SCCC Tickets will appear.
  • Where can I see where I am in the queue on the phone line? We do not have a live queue system available.  However we do have 25 operators working very hard to process each individual request as efficiently as possible.
  • The system is saying I am a different Membership category to what I am. We would encourage you to login to your account and double check the Membership number refers to your account.  If you are then looking to change your Membership please email: where we will be able to alter your Membership.