Hollioake reacts to Greatest XI selection

Published: 11th November, 2019

After being named as the captain of Surrey’s Greatest XI on Monday, Adam Hollioake took to Instagram to share his thoughts and feelings.

Following seven weeks of voting, the Greatest XI was announced on Monday with Hollioake chosen as the man Surrey Members most want to lead their team out. You can see his response here.

His full caption is below:

Woahhhh…..there’s not many times in my life that I am speechless but I have to say that this is one of them 😳

I have just read I have been voted as one of the allrounders (& Captain) in Surreys Greatest XI of all time….

I am not joking when I say this is the biggest individual accolade of my career….

Whilst I am grateful, I am also humbled and acknowledge that my inclusion in this team isn’t totally of my own doing…I feel as though my inclusion is more a representation of the team I was blessed enough to be part of let alone lead 🙏🏽

Without your Mark Butchers and your Martin Bicknell’s, your Saqlain Mushtaqs and Azhar Mahmood’s there wouldn’t have been a great Surrey XI from my time and I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to shine….

Without my teammates I would have been nothing….so although I accept this award I also feel that I am just representing my boys 🙏🏽

I never felt that my heart has ever truly been with a country…I was born in Australia and educated in the UK… Whoever I had represented I was always going to be a traitor…I am comfortable with this and accept that my heart never belonged to one nation ❤️

However the only place I always truly felt at home was at Surrey….Every single time I stepped on that field for Surrey I gave my heart and soul…I can look any one of the people who have paid their membership at Surrey in the eyes and tell them I never gave anything less than my all every time I stepped on that field 🙏🏽

I never ever short changed a Surrey member 👊🏽

My team mates know I always put them first and I would field short leg or silly point cos I wanted the best for our great club not what was best for me….I didn’t just put the youngest player there to keep the senior players happy…I went there cos I practiced there and thought it was an opportunity to bring victory to our club….

So many times I gave my wicket away getting fast runs so we could declare and force the victory…sometimes I wondered if it went unnoticed….but I guess when acknowledgment like this comes along it means it didn’t go unnoticed and I thank everyone who voted for me…& even those who didn’t….it doesn’t matter you are still Surrey.

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