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Equality, Diversity

& Inclusion

Surrey County Cricket Club is committed to making sure cricket is a game for everyone.

That commitment defines how our Club and business will conduct themselves and will provide the lens through which we view any major decisions. We believe that cricket should be based on the concepts of fair play, teamwork, and meritocracy and we know that there is work to do to make cricket truly accessible.

At Surrey Country Cricket Club we have over many years confronted these challenges but accept more needs to be done and that it is our responsibility to create the change we want to see. Our influence as a sporting organisation means that we have the power to create systemic changes that can transform the lives of those who are underrepresented or marginalised.

In 2023, Surrey County Cricket Club published its EDI Plan, which builds on strong foundations that have been delivered for many years and articulated most recently in our 2022 EDI Plan. The 2023 plan is ratified by our Culture and Values Board which was launched in March 2022 with full delegated authority from the Surrey Board. In addition, this plan continues to straddle both Surrey County Cricket Club and the Surrey Cricket Foundation and, together, we must look at all aspects of the game and the people it touches; from our staff, the players, the communities we serve and the fans.

The objectives of our EDI Plan remain:

  • Creating a warmer welcome
  • Building a diverse community
  • Being the best neighbour
  • Holding ourselves to account

To view Surrey County Cricket Club’s 2023 Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Plan in full, please click below:

EDI Action Plan 2023

To view Surrey Cricket Foundation’s 2022 Impact Report, please click below:

  • Empower people to make positive change across cricket.
  • Build diverse teams that reflect the communities they serve.
  • Develop inclusive environments where everyone feels welcome and safe.
  • Lead with accountability and commitment.
2022 Impact Report

The ECB is committed to ensuring cricket is a game for everyone. Find out more about what they’re doing to break down barriers and ensure cricket is a truly inclusive and diverse sport.

In 2021, the ECB launched their own EDI Plan which aims to:

ECB's Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2021

The ECB have also published an ‘Inclusive Language Guide’ which hopes to empower readers to understand how everyday words, expressions, stereotypes, or assumptions can exclude people – either by design or by accident.

The ECB Inclusive Language Guide

The ECB published a new Anti-Discrimination Code in 2022. This code ensures that any incidence of discrimination in the professional game, and in recreational leagues and clubs that fall under the ECB’s jurisdiction, and can be subject to disciplinary processes and sanctions.

Anti-Discrimination Code 2022

Discrimination of any kind is unacceptable. If you are aware of or witness discrimination at any level of cricket in England and Wales, we want to hear from you. Whatever discrimination you are aware of or have witnessed, your report will be reviewed and dealt with by the relevant cricket organisation. Reporting discrimination will help us to ensure cricket is a welcoming, inclusive, and diverse game for everyone.

Report Discrimination

Anyone who would like to contact the Club regarding their experiences are encouraged to do so by emailing equality@surreycricket.com.