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Sixth Form State School Cricket Programme

From September 2023

Surrey is launching its first State School Cricket Programme for students applying to sixth form

The programme is available to young people, both male and female, that have an interest in cricket and want to learn more about a career in the sport, as well those that have a developing talent for cricket and are looking to take their skills to the next level.

Surrey is currently working with state schools across inner-city London and the wider county to offer students the opportunity to complete their sixth form academic studies alongside access to high quality cricket coaching, and strength and conditioning training.

There will also be opportunities for those on the programme to learn more about cricket as a business via the employability workshops which offers opportunity for the students to learn new skills that will benefit them throughout their future careers. There will be workshops within areas such as Food and Beverage, Marketing, Media, Groundskeeping and more.

All students will also have the opportunity to undertake ECB coaching qualifications alongside certified courses in scoring and umpiring, supporting students to gain employment within the world of cricket.

Programme Overview

This is an amazing opportunity for young people to experience studying, playing, and understanding all aspects of the world of cricket and help to provide an excellent opportunity to help employment and further education prospects.

The Programme consists of four parts:

  • Sixth form academic studies at your chosen Sixth Form college.
  • Up to four hours of cricket training per week.
  • Two hours of strength and conditioning training.
  • Employability workshops and ECB certified courses.

Please click the drop down buttons below to learn more about each element of the programme. For further information relating to the programme please email:

Academic Studies

You will be required to make your formal application to the college of your choice, selecting subjects to study that you enjoy and have a passion for. Please note that some subjects will require specific entry criteria at GSCE level. Within the programme you will be assisted in making decisions for your future whether within further education or employment.

Cricket Coaching and Strength and Conditioning:

You will undertake up to four hours cricket coaching per week under the guidance of a specialist Surrey Cricket coach. There will be opportunities to develop your existing ability and reach the highest level you can achieve under expert guidance.

You will undertake a minimum of two hours per week monitored training within a fully equipped gym under expert guidance. Your fitness will be monitored and recorded throughout the two-year course.

Employability workshops

You will have the opportunity to discover all the different departments within The Kia Oval and study the job descriptions and requirements per department. You will undertake group projects for each department to understand the area and learn more about the skills you can apply. Hours spent within this area of the programme can be linked to T Level placement study requirements.

ECB Certified courses

You will undertake up to two levels of coaching courses, a scoring course and an umpiring course which are certified by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB). These courses will provide you with opportunities to earn whilst studying.

Year 11 students

How to apply

The programme will start in September 2023 and students will need to complete the two-part application process detailed below:

Part One: Secure your place on the SCCC Programme

Surrey will be providing up to four hours of cricket coaching and two hours of supervised strength and conditioning training per week based at both the college site and the Ken Barrington Centre at The Kia Oval. In the summer there will be opportunities to play fixtures against other schools.

The employability workshops and ECB courses will take place at both the sixth form college site and The Kia Oval.

During the summer there will be opportunity to experience The Kia Oval during home games to further understand all the opportunities within the business of the Club.

Click here to apply.

Part Two: Secure your academic place

Surrey will be partnering with Lilian Baylis Technology College in Kennington and St Francis Xavier Sixth Form College in Clapham. The programme will also run at George Abbot School in Guildford, however places at George Abbot have already been filled for 2023.

Please use the links below to navigate to the sixth form application site and the college application process. Each college offers a wide range of subjects and academic opportunity from A levels, T levels and Vocational qualifications. Time spent undertaking the employability workshops can be linked to T Level studies.


Both parts of the application process must be completed by 1/7/2023
For further information relating to the programme please email:

Register your interest for 2024

If you are interested in being part of this exciting opportunity and are currently in Year 10, then please complete the expression of interest form so that we can contact you with details of upcoming nets and training sessions.

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