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Surrey vs Lancashire Monday 26th September 2022 - 10:30am


Lancashire win by an innings and 130 runs

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209 All Out & 173 All Out

512 All Out &

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Away Team In Bat 73.1 Overs


LV= Insurance County Championship Division One 2022 / Monday 26th September 2022 - 10:30am

Lancashire won the toss and elected to bat.

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Lancashire First Innings
512 All Out (124.1 Overs)

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Luke Wellsc Ryan Patelb Daniel Moriarty36636057.14
Keaton Jenningslbw Jamie Overtonb Jamie Overton19927622072.10
Josh Bohannonb Daniel Moriarty12362033.33
Steven Croftlbw Cameron Steelb Cameron Steel8614312160.14
Dane Vilasc Ryan Patelb Cameron Steel350060.00
George Bellrun out Cameron Steel280025.00
George Baldersonc Jamie Overtonb Daniel Moriarty971427068.31
Tom Hartleyb Daniel Moriarty16202080.00
Tom Baileyc Kemar Roachb Daniel Moriarty22362061.11
Will Williamsc Jamie Smithb Cameron Steel7151046.67
Matt ParkinsonNot Out0*1000.00
Extras0nb 0w 22b 10lb32
All Out
(124.1 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
58 - 1Luke Wells18.3
96 - 2Josh Bohannon28.5
291 - 3Steven Croft73.2
301 - 4Dane Vilas75.3
304 - 5George Bell77.1
430 - 6Keaton Jennings101.3
467 - 7Tom Hartley108.5
501 - 8Tom Bailey118.5
512 - 9Will Williams123.5
512 - 10George Balderson124.1
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Kemar Roach19.045502.89
Jordan Clark12.034203.50
Daniel Moriarty37.1616354.41
Jamie Overton15.015613.73
Tom Lawes17.036703.94
Cameron Steel18.006533.61
Tom Curran6.003205.33

Surrey First Innings
209 All Out (79.2 Overs)

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Rory Burnsb Will Williams18421042.86
Ryan Patelc Keaton Jenningsb Tom Bailey19234082.61
Hashim Amlac Keaton Jenningsb George Balderson29514156.86
Jamie Smithlbw Tom Baileyb Tom Bailey170014.29
Cameron Steellbw Tom Hartleyb Tom Hartley471633028.83
Tom Curranb Will Williams11402027.50
Jordan Clarkb Will Williams5470010.64
Jamie Overtonc Dane Vilasb Matt Parkinson9171052.94
Tom Lawesb Tom Hartley21432148.84
Kemar Roachc Will Williamsb Tom Hartley26343176.47
Daniel MoriartyNot Out2*130015.38
Extras8nb 0w 7b 6lb21
All Out
(79.2 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
37 - 1Ryan Patel10.4
37 - 2Rory Burns11.1
38 - 3Jamie Smith12.6
84 - 4Hashim Amla27.3
110 - 5Tom Curran39.5
132 - 6Jordan Clark55.4
149 - 7Jamie Overton60.4
169 - 8Cameron Steel67.5
190 - 9Tom Lawes75.4
209 - 10Kemar Roach79.2
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Tom Bailey17.093021.76
Will Williams21.084131.95
Matt Parkinson23.047413.22
George Balderson9.012312.56
Tom Hartley9.212833.11

Surrey Second Innings
173 All Out (73.1 Overs)

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Rory Burnsb Tom Hartley61796177.22
Ryan Patelc George Baldersonb Matt Parkinson361013035.64
Hashim Amlalbw Tom Hartleyb Tom Hartley15290051.72
Jamie Smithc Keaton Jenningsb Matt Parkinson23582039.66
Cameron Steelrun out Dane Vilas5221022.73
Tom Curranc Steven Croftb Tom Hartley04000.00
Jordan Clarklbw Tom Baileyb Tom Bailey9481018.75
Jamie Overtonb Tom Hartley130033.33
Tom Laweslbw Tom Hartleyb Tom Hartley012000.00
Kemar Roachlbw Matt Parkinsonb Matt Parkinson11581018.97
Daniel MoriartyNot Out1*27003.70
Extras4nb 4w 0b 3lb11
All Out
(73.1 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
89 - 1Rory Burns26.5
107 - 2Ryan Patel31.3
127 - 3Hashim Amla38.2
142 - 4Cameron Steel46.3
144 - 5Tom Curran48.1
146 - 6Jamie Smith49.2
147 - 7Jamie Overton50.2
151 - 8Tom Lawes54.2
161 - 9Jordan Clark63.6
173 - 10Kemar Roach73.1
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Tom Bailey9.031711.89
Will Williams10.032502.50
Matt Parkinson20.115732.85
George Balderson5.001903.80
Tom Hartley29.0125251.79


Luke Wells
Keaton Jennings
Josh Bohannon
Steven Croft
Dane Vilas
George Bell
George Balderson
Tom Hartley
Tom Bailey
Will Williams
Matt Parkinson
Rory Burns
Ryan Patel
Hashim Amla
Jamie Smith
Cameron Steel
Tom Curran
Jordan Clark
Tom Lawes
Jamie Overton
Kemar Roach
Daniel Moriarty