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Surrey vs Essex Sunday 12th September 2021 - 10:30am


Match Drawn

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161 All Out & 113 for 2

439 All Out &

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Home Team In Bat 36.0 Overs


LV= Insurance County Championship 2021 / Sunday 12th September 2021 - 10:30am

Essex won the toss and elected to bat.

Refresh Scores

Essex First Innings
439 All Out (143.1 Overs)

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Nick Brownec Jonathan Tattersallb Jordan Clark13333039.39
Alastair Cookc Jonathan Tattersallb Daniel Moriarty16533020050.00
Tom Westleyc Jonathan Tattersallb Rikki Clarke471269037.30
Dan Lawrencelbw Daniel Moriartyb Daniel Moriarty781306160.00
Jamie Porterc Jonathan Tattersallb Rikki Clarke30576052.63
Paul Walterc Ollie Popeb Will Jacks33685048.53
Adam Wheaterb Reece Topley39744052.70
Simon Harmerlbw Reece Topleyb Reece Topley3200015.00
Aron Nijjarc Jonathan Tattersallb James Taylor2120016.67
Shane SnaterNot Out0*7000.00
Sam Cooklbw James Taylorb James Taylor04000.00
Extras4nb 0w 4b 21lb29
All Out
(143.1 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
29 - 1Nick Browne9.5
149 - 2Tom Westley51.6
294 - 3Dan Lawrence92.6
348 - 4Jamie Porter108.1
379 - 5Alastair Cook116.5
415 - 6Paul Walter129.3
428 - 7Simon Harmer136.1
439 - 8Adam Wheater140.5
439 - 9Aron Nijjar141.3
439 - 10Sam Cook143.1
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Reece Topley24.075822.42
Jordan Clark25.028513.40
Rikki Clarke19.016223.26
James Taylor15.154422.93
Daniel Moriarty35.058522.43
Will Jacks14.023312.36
Cameron Steel9.004404.89
Ryan Patel2.00301.50

Surrey First Innings
161 All Out (86.3 Overs)

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Cameron Steelc Alastair Cookb Jamie Porter06000.00
Ryan Patellbw Sam Cookb Sam Cook02000.00
Hashim Amlalbw Simon Harmerb Simon Harmer8420910040.19
Ollie Popec Adam Wheaterb Jamie Porter5201025.00
Will Jackslbw Shane Snaterb Shane Snater11422026.19
Rikki Clarkec Adam Wheaterb Simon Harmer12271144.44
Jordan Clarkc Adam Wheaterb Sam Cook5141035.71
Jonathan Tattersallc Nick Browneb Simon Harmer4350011.43
James Taylorc Paul Walterb Shane Snater191172016.24
Daniel Moriartyc Adam Wheaterb Jamie Porter8442018.18
Reece TopleyNot Out0*4000.00
Extras2nb 0w 5b 6lb13
All Out
(86.3 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
0 - 1Cameron Steel0.6
0 - 2Ryan Patel1.2
19 - 3Ollie Pope8.4
52 - 4Will Jacks21.6
78 - 5Rikki Clarke29.5
87 - 6Jordan Clark32.6
98 - 7Jonathan Tattersall41.2
142 - 8James Taylor71.4
161 - 9Hashim Amla85.2
161 - 10Daniel Moriarty86.3
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Jamie Porter18.392731.50
Sam Cook16.053121.94
Simon Harmer31.0144931.58
Aron Nijjar13.052101.62
Shane Snater8.012222.75

Surrey Second Innings
113 for 2 (36.0 Overs)

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Cameron Steelb Shane Snater28664042.42
Ryan Patelc Dan Lawrenceb Simon Harmer17272062.96
Hashim AmlaNot Out34*725047.22
Ollie PopeNot Out27*526051.92
Will Jacks
Rikki Clarke
Jordan Clark
Jonathan Tattersall
James Taylor
Daniel Moriarty
Reece Topley
Extras2nb 0w 2b 3lb7
(36.0 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
28 - 1Ryan Patel9.4
66 - 2Cameron Steel22.1
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Jamie Porter6.012904.83
Sam Cook5.001803.60
Simon Harmer15.053712.47
Shane Snater9.021912.11
Alastair Cook1.00505.00


Ryan Patel
Cameron Steel
Hashim Amla
Ollie Pope
Will Jacks
Rikki Clarke
Jordan Clark
Jonathan Tattersall
James Taylor
Daniel Moriarty
Reece Topley
Alastair Cook
Nick Browne
Tom Westley
Dan Lawrence
Paul Walter
Adam Wheater
Simon Harmer
Aron Nijjar
Shane Snater
Sam Cook
Jamie Porter