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The Kia Oval App

The Kia Oval App

The Kia Oval App

The Kia Oval App

The Kia Oval App

The Kia Oval App

The Kia Oval App

The Kia Oval App


Download our mobile app, available for free on both iOS & Android devices.

6k+ reviews (4.8 of 5)

Fans' experience has been improved with the addition of a mobile ticketing solution, delivered through The Kia Oval App, with all tickets now securely delivered straight to the palm of your hand.

In order to access match day tickets, you will need to download The Kia Oval App and log in to your Surrey Ticketing Account. All tickets displayed on a Mobile device contain dynamic fraud prevention technology, meaning that tickets can’t be screenshot or photographed. As well as being able to easily access tickets, you have the ability to share the tickets that you bought with the friends and family attending the cricket with you.

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The Kia Oval App will act as your one-stop hub for visiting our world-famous cricket ground. The app will help any visitor to the ground, for both a match day or non-match day, to plan their visit with useful travel and facility information and engage with both the Club and Venue.


Access and share match day tickets within The Kia Oval App and enjoy an efficient and safe entry into the ground. Tickets can also be purchased through the app for upcoming fixtures.

Plan Your Visit

View essential pre-match, travel and venue information to ensure your day at the ground is as enjoyable as possible.


Read the latest news, enjoy the Club Shop, view the first team squads and more as you get closer to the Club.


Browse all the premium experiences on offer at the ground, as well as receive important-specific information ahead of your Hospitality experience.

Conference & Events

Explore the range of non-match day facilities available at The Kia Oval, and get relevant information ahead of visiting The Kia Oval for a conference or event.


Members of Surrey County Cricket Club can access exclusive content and bring them closer to the benefits of their Membership.


Please ensure you have push notifications turned on so we can keep you up to date with key information for the match day that you are attending.


Why has The Kia Oval moved to a mobile ticketing solution?

The Kia Oval have been operating digital ticketing for a number of years now, as it offers the safest and most convenient way to receive your match day tickets. A mobile solution does all of the above, whilst also improving your user experience and ability to easily share your tickets with your friends and family.

When will I be able to see my ticket in The Kia Oval App?

As soon as your tickets have been purchased, and you are logged into your Surrey Ticketing Account on the app, you will be able to view your purchased tickets. You do not need to print these tickets, and will be able to enter the ground by scanning the mobile ticket on your phone.

How do I download The Kia Oval App?

To download The Kia Oval App for free, please click here for iOS, and here for Android.

How do I access tickets on the App?

  1. Click Your Ticket Wallet under the Tickets tab at the bottom of the app.
  2. Click Log in or sign up to log into your Surrey Ticketing Account – the one used to purchase your tickets.
  3. Return to the Tickets tab and click Your Ticket Wallet.
  4. All of the tickets associated to your account will appear in the ‘Your Tickets’ section of your Ticket Wallet.
  5. Click on the match that your tickets are associated to and all of the ones that you have purchased will appear. If you are sharing tickets, please reference the instructions below.

Please note, there is a live fraud-prevention mechanism in place on all tickets for The Kia Oval, and any photographs or screen shots of tickets will not be eligible to gain entry to the ground.

How do I share other tickets that I have bought to my friends?

  1. Once you have followed the above instructions and all of the tickets associated to the match you are attending appear, click ‘Share with someone else‘.
  2. A pop-up box will appear prompting you to send a code, click ‘Share‘ to receive a unique code.
  3. Your unique code will appear on the screen, click the share button on the right-hand side of the code.
  4. Share the code with the intended recipient via any of the means on screen. A pop up will appear on the screen confirming that your ticket code has been shared. Please note that the ticket that you have shared will still be available to you until the recipient redeems the code.
  5. In order for the recipient to download their ticket, they will need to download The Kia Oval app and either log in or create a Surrey Ticketing Account.

Please note, once you have shared your ticket, it will still appear in your account but the scannable barcode will be ineligible and details of when and whom it was shared to, will appear at the bottom of the page.

I have re-assigned tickets to someone in my 'Friends and Family' network, but they can't see them in the app?

If you have re-assigned tickets to someone on through your ‘Family and Friends’ Network on your Surrey Ticketing Account, they need an active Account themselves to view tickets in the app. For the recipient to access the tickets via the app, they need to have created a Surrey Ticketing Account themselves here, and then logged into the app to activate it. The email address used to create the Surrey Ticketing Account, must match the one that was used when the tickets were re-assigned.

Please note, this is different to sharing the tickets via the app.

Someone has shared a ticket with me, how do I access it?

  1. In order to download a ticket shared with you, you will need to download The Kia Oval app and either log in or create a Surrey Ticketing Account.
  2. Once logged in, navigate to Your Ticket Wallet, which can be found under the Tickets tab.
  3. Click Got a code? in the top right of your Ticket Wallet.
  4. A pop-up will appear asking you to ‘enter your ticket code’, copy the code that has been sent to you.
  5. Another pop-up will appear to confirm that your Ticket code has been redeemed and that an eTicket has been added to your account. Click Done.
  6. Your ticket will now appear in your account, to access your tickets and gain entry to the ground, please reference above.

Please note, there is a live fraud-prevention mechanism in place on all tickets for The Kia Oval, and any photographs or screen shots of tickets will not be eligible to gain entry to the ground.

Do I have to share my tickets, or can I have multiple tickets on a single device?

No, you do not have to share tickets, this is merely advice from the Club because this is the most convenient way to enter the ground. Multiple mobile tickets for one match can appear in your Ticket Wallet, and you can simply swipe left and right to view all tickets associated to the match.

What do I do if I don't have a smartphone?

Mobile ticketing is not the only way to access your tickets for The Kia Oval. Your tickets can still be emailed to you and printed at home, as per the last few seasons. If you require any advice on alternative tickets, please contact the Member and Supporter Services team on

How can I provide feedback on The Kia Oval App?

All feedback on The Kia Oval App can be provided by clicking here.

I can't see my tickets on the App?

To view the tickets that you have purchased, please log in to The Kia Oval App using your Surrey Ticketing Account (the account used to purchased the tickets). If you have logged in for the first time, or have recently made a change to the tickets, please allow a short period of time for your Ticketing Account to refresh.

If you still do not see your tickets in the app, please contact our Member and Supporter Services Team on