If you have any questions regarding Membership at Surrey County Cricket Club, please use the FAQs below or contact us using the methods outlined on this page.

We have specific online ticketing and Membership account FAQs here to help you familiarise yourself with our new system.



What is the benefit of being a Surrey & England Member?

Having an allocated seat ensures that your seat is reserved for you before each International sale. When International tickets go on sale Surrey and England Member will have the luxury of knowing that their seat is reserved until a set date so you can have first priority to secure your seat.

What fixtures does my Surrey & England reserved seat cover?

Your allocated seat will cover International fixtures only. On purchasing your seat you will be sent a match ticket which will allow access to the game. For all Domestic Cricket, you can enter the ground with your Membership card as normal with the Pavilion and other Members areas available.

Are there fixtures for which my Surrey & England reserved seat won’t be available?

Of course having chosen your seat, we will make every effort to ensure that it’s available for you to purchase. Due to sightscreen requirements however, it may be necessary to relocate Members that have selected seats situated behind the bowler’s arm. Should this occur we will communicate this to those affected and find a suitable alternative.

How many seats can I reserve with my Surrey & England membership?

An existing Member can only purchase one seat. However, should you wish to be seated together with friends or family we would recommend that each person joins as a Member of Surrey County Cricket Club together. In order to secure the seats that you want we would recommend that all applications are made at the same time.

I wish to visit The Kia Oval to select my seat; do I need to book an appointment?

Whilst not essential, we recommend that you call before visiting. Personal callers will be able to visit on non-match-days between 9.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

If I choose a seat can I change it in future years?

Yes, of course. Whilst subject to availability anyone wishing to move their seat will be given the option during the following season’s renewal period.

Can all Surrey & England Members gain access to The Pavilion on International match-days?

Whilst the Pavilion remains a facility for all Members to enjoy, it has a capacity which we cannot exceed. On all International fixtures, priority will be given to those Members with seats allocated within the Pavilion, with all other Members being allowed at the stewards’ discretion (a decision made by match control) and subject to their being sufficient space.

I am not a Member. Can I select a seat within the pavilion?

All other Membership categories will be allowed a window in which to purchase remaining seats in the pavilion for International fixtures at The Kia Oval. This will be after Surrey & England Members have had the chance to purchase their reserved seats. The Pavilion is only available to Members of Surrey County Cricket Club.


How can I see a breakdown of what benefits my Membership category allows me?

Different Membership categories are provided by Surrey County Cricket Club to cater for different requirements. To view the different Memberships available, and the benefits they allow, please click here.

I am an existing Surrey County/Championship/T20 Member – When do I need to renew by?

Members can renew in the build up to, and during, the 2021 season. To benefit from priority international ticket booking, Members should renew for the 2021 season before tickets become available on Friday 2nd November 2020. To renew your membership, click here.

What Membership is available for Under 16s?

The Pride of Lions Membership is designed especially for cricket fans under the ages of 16. Pride of Lions Membership includes access to exclusive events, competitions and entry to all domestic cricket fixtures at The Kia Oval. Members also receive access to the XBOX Family Zone situated on the JM Finn Balcony for all home T20 fixtures. Pride of Lions Membership is just £20.


Can I renew my Membership online?

Yes, all Memberships can be renewed online via the Surrey County Cricket Club site here.

When will money be taken for my Membership?

Anyone renewing by credit card will be charged at the time of their Membership being processed. Payment can also be set-up via direct debit, with Members choosing to do so receiving a £20 discount (see below for how to switch to a direct debit payment method).

I want to switch to direct debit and what is the latest that I can apply?

To ensure your collection goes smoothly, please apply to pay by direct debit at least 14 working days before the collection dates shown below. Applications we receive after this date may cause delays in processing.

How can I switch my method of payment to direct debit?

However you currently pay, switching to direct debit is easy and you will receive a £20 discount. Call the Member and Supporter Services Team on 0203 946 0100 to set up your direct debit. If you are applying by post, use the form provided in your Membership renewal pack and tick the relevant option.

Will I receive a new Membership Card?

Yes, all Members renewing will receive a new Membership Card for 2021. A pack will be sent containing your new card and relevant information for the new season no later than April 2021 if you become a Member before the start of the season.

I have specific seating requirements, who do I contact?

Please contact our Accessibility Liaison Officer, Theresa Peters who works in the Member and Supporter Services Team on 0203 946 0100 or you can email:


Rebecca Lockyer

Ticketing, Membership & Supporter Services Manager

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Theresa Peters

Accessibility Liaison Officer

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Favourite Surrey County Cricket Club/Kia Oval memory: The 2017 Champions Trophy Final between India and Pakistan produced the most emotion and passion I have ever witnessed at a cricket match! Alistair Cook scoring 147 in his final Test match wasn't far behind...

Nikayla Davies

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Interests: Food, music and most importantly travelling! I have quite an extensive bucket list I am determined to complete.

Favourite Surrey County Cricket Club/Kia Oval memory: 2019 was an exciting season, we hosted a full domestic schedule, the Final Ashes Test, and a range of Cricket World Cup matches, it was definitely a cricket season to remember!

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Favourite Surrey County Cricket Club/Kia Oval memory: Australia winning (retaining) the Ashes and being presented with the winning trophy after the series. Also being able to see Australia play at the Oval during the 2019 World Cup and Aaron Finch’s 117 not out for Surrey v Middlesex in the T20.

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Favourite Surrey County Cricket Club/Kia Oval memory: Watching the opening ceremony of the 2019 Cricket World Cup from the Legends Lounge Terrace with the sun shining down over the Ground

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Favourite SCCC: Finally having a few members in for match on 26th July 2020 after a spring of lockdown. Hoping 2021 will be a lot better.

Favourite Surrey County Cricket Club/Kia Oval memory: Sleeping out between the rows in the 1845 Stand on a bitterly cold February night raising money for a homeless charity, well actually the bacon roll & hot coffee in the morning…

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Favourite Surrey County Cricket Club/Kia Oval memory: There were so many brilliant moments in the 2018 season, but being at New Road when Morne Morkel hit the winnings runs to crown us as Champions after a 16-year wait was very special.