Please Note:

tickets for all fixtures at the Kia Oval are only obtainable from the Surrey County Cricket Club Ticket Office.

Kennington Oval Limited has a policy of seeking to identify any tickets being sold illegally or transferred to unauthorised agents or other third parties.
Any spectator using such tickets to enter or attempt to enter the ground will be refused admission or removed from the ground. They may also be required to be interviewed by the Metropolitan Police.

1. Tickets purchased are strictly non-transferable and are for the sole use of the purchaser. Tickets may not, under any circumstances, be auctioned, offered for sale or re-sold in any manner except via our Ticket Exchange, accessible via our website and shall not be purchased or obtained from or through any person, commercial agent, company or by any method other than directly by the applicant from Kennington Oval Limited (KOL), the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), or its authorised agent. KOL/ECB reserves the right to refuse to sell to individuals or agencies suspected of intending to re-sell their tickets.

2. The applicant assumes absolute responsibility for all tickets booked in his/her name and will be penalised if any of those tickets are used in contravention of these terms and conditions.

3. If more than one ticket is issued to an applicant those tickets may be used only by the applicant and the person(s) intending to accompany that applicant to and at the Event. The use of tickets by guests of the purchasers in these circumstances shall not constitute a breach of (1) above.

4. Please adhere to the published ticket limits. Orders exceeding the ticket limit will be cancelled without notice. This may include orders having the same name, billing address or credit card. Repeated attempts by an applicant to purchase in excess of these limits may also result in a refusal to sell the applicant tickets for future events.

5. Tickets are issued subject to Ground Regulations established by KOL/ECB who shall be entitled to refuse admission to or eject from the stadium any ticket holder found in breach of these regulations. KOL/ECB shall give written reasons if requested. A copy of the full Ground Regulations currently in force is available on the Official Web Site of the Event and is also available on application.

6. Any ticket obtained in breach of these Conditions (‘invalid tickets’) shall be void and all rights conferred or evidenced by such ticket shall be nullified. This may include the purchaser or holder of the ticket being refused admission or a cancellation of the booking without notification. This may also occur if the purchaser has defaulted on any payments for previous tickets. Any person seeking to use an invalid ticket in order to gain or provide entry to or remain at the Event will be considered a trespasser and will, if necessary, be ejected and liable to legal action.

7. Duplicate tickets will only be issued as replacements for tickets that have been lost, stolen or temporarily mislaid, and they will only be issued on the day of the match to the original purchaser accompanied by a form of photo identification and preferably the card of purchase. Junior (Under 16) tickets that are purchased in advance can be upgraded to an adult ticket on the day of the event upon payment of the relevant differential in seat price. Request for upgrades are to made on the match day in person by the original purchaser with a photo ID and the original card of purchase. Duplicate tickets will only be issued on the day to the original purchaser. If you purchased Tickets via the Internet we would strongly advise you to log onto your account at least 1 month prior to the event and ensure that we have the correct contact details that match your billing address.

8. No exchanges are made or refunds given, other than those covered under the Raincheck Policy. Refunds on tickets purchased as part of a package are not available under any circumstances.

9. KOL/ECB reserves the right to change these Conditions from time to time. Where such change materially affects the rights of the purchaser, the purchaser will have the right to a full refund if, as a result of such changes, they are not able to use the tickets they have purchased.

10. The purchaser agrees to abide by these conditions and the ground regulations at all times, copies of which are sent with the tickets. Tickets remain the property of KOL/ECB at all times.

11. Any complaints about your ability to view the event or hear any PA announcement must be made promptly before the event starts or during the event to the Ticket Office located next to the Hobbs Gate. No such complaint can be accepted after the event.


The International Cricket Council (ICC) has implemented a ban on the importation of alcohol, glass containers and metal cans. Following close consultation with the Police and Health and Safety advisors, this regulation will apply to all category ‘A’ matches.


International Match Days under the control of the England and Wales Cricket Board
Domestic T20 Blast matches

For matches listed as category ‘B’ alcohol importation will restricted to a maximum of four 500ml cans of beer/lager or a 750ml plastic container of wine per person. No further alcohol will be permitted on any subsequent re-admission to the ground.


LV= County Championship
Royal London One-Day Cup

Should you have any further questions relating to the information contained on this page, please e-mail

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