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A recently formed LGBTQ+ Surrey Supporters’ Club is inviting Surrey Members & fans to join ahead of the upcoming 2021 domestic season.

Proud Surrey was founded by Sam Schofield, Head of Cricket at a school in South London, a pathway coach at Surrey and a part of the England Physical Disability coaching structure, earlier this month.

Writing on the website Sports Media LGBT+ last week, Sam said: “We’re welcoming to anyone who is part of the community or an ally. We hope to provide people with another avenue to make more connections within the community and to provide a support network to enjoy the game of cricket.

“Although homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia may not be big issues within cricket, there are nonetheless LGBTQ+ cricketers, coaches, fans, and those in other roles at all levels of the game, some who are out and some who are not. Our group will hopefully be of comfort and support to them all.

“Aside from personal experiences within the sport, the inspiration for setting the group up has come from seeing how well supported the various LGBT+ football fans’ groups are and thinking that cricket can follow suit. I’ve known about Graces as a club for a while and when Birmingham Unicorns was created recently by Lachlan Smith, that was the lightbulb moment to contact Surrey and get things going.”

Head to the Surrey CCC LGBTQ+ Supporters’ Club website for information on events and contact details. You can follow the Supporters’ Club on Twitter here.