Kia Oval Hosts Exclusive Educational Tour


Published: 12th February, 2018

The Kia Oval hosted 50 Université de Franche-Comté students on Friday, in an exclusive sports business seminar.

Before going on a Kia Oval Ground Tour, in which the Students went behind-the-scenes and explored the history of the famous ground, the students enjoyed an interactive marketing seminar. The one-hour session explained the different revenue streams of the Club and the Kia Oval, as well as how the marketing team operates to sell tickets, Memberships, and works with sponsors around the Vitality Blast.

The 50 students then took on a practical activity to enhance their understanding of the marketing practice, and presented their findings to the Club.

The Kia Oval operates bespoke educational experiences for students and children of all ages.  Learn what goes into hosting an International sporting event and how professional players AND staff get themselves match-ready.  The Kia Oval can tailor a trip suitable for all including topics on: History, Geography, Science, Art & much more! This provides an exciting and interactive environment to learn and includes a private Ground Tour.

For more information on Kia Oval Educational Tours, please contact us on 020 3946 0100 or


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