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Match Scorecard

Surrey vs Leicestershire Thursday 3rd August 2023 - 11:00am

Leicestershire win by 5 wickets

One Day Cup / Thursday 3rd August 2023 - 11:00am

Leicestershire won the toss and elected to field.


Surrey First Innings
325 All Out (49.5 Overs)

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RS Patelc Ackermann b Mulder171720100.00
DP Sibleyc Handscomb b Hull34405085.00
RJ Burnsc Handscomb b Wright5510100.00
BT Foakesc Handscomb b Scriven1061079299.07
J Clarkb Scriven19241179.17
CT Steelc Patel b Scriven504042125.00
BBA Geddesc Kimber b Scriven673944171.79
C McKerrc Patel b Wright13141092.86
Y Majidb Scriven270028.57
DT Moriartyc Ackermann b Mulder05000.00
MP DunnNot Out0*2000.00
Extras2nb 5w 0b 5lb12
Innings Total
(49.5 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
24 - 1RS Patel4.3
29 - 2RJ Burns5.3
95 - 3DP Sibley16.2
129 - 4J Clark22.4
224 - 5CT Steel36.4
249 - 6BT Foakes40.1
285 - 7C McKerr44.4
304 - 8Y Majid47.2
305 - 9DT Moriarty48.2
325 - 10BBA Geddes49.5
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PWA Mulder10.0 Overs-60 Balls05825.80
CJC Wright10.0 Overs-60 Balls05225.20
JO Hull7.0 Overs-42 Balls05217.42
RI Walker4.0 Overs-24 Balls041010.25
CN Ackermann9.0 Overs-54 Balls05105.66
TAR Scriven9.5 Overs-59 Balls06656.71

Leicestershire First Innings
329 for 5 (42.2 Overs)

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RK Patelc Clark b Dunn161421114.29
SG Budingerc Dunn b McKerr332280150.00
LJ Hillc Sub b Steel463761124.32
PSP Handscombc Patel b Steel575451105.56
CN AckermannRun Out121200100.00
PWA MulderNot Out67*5363126.42
LPJ KimberNot Out89*6265143.55
TAR Scriven0000
RI Walker0000
CJC Wright0000
JO Hull0000
Extras0nb 4w 0b 5lb9
Innings Total
(42.2 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
33 - 1RK Patel3.5
69 - 2SG Budinger8.1
148 - 3LJ Hill18.1
167 - 4CN Ackermann21.6
183 - 5PSP Handscomb24.1
329 - 642.2
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J Clark5.0 Overs-30 Balls050010.00
MP Dunn6.0 Overs-36 Balls05419.00
Y Majid7.0 Overs-42 Balls04907.00
C McKerr5.0 Overs-30 Balls04819.60
DT Moriarty10.0 Overs-60 Balls06406.40
CT Steel9.2 Overs-56 Balls05926.32


RJ Burns
DP Sibley
RS Patel
BBA Geddes
BT Foakes
CT Steel
J Clark
C McKerr
Y Majid
DT Moriarty
MP Dunn
RK Patel
SG Budinger
LJ Hill
PSP Handscomb
CN Ackermann
PWA Mulder
LPJ Kimber
TAR Scriven
RI Walker
CJC Wright
JO Hull