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Match Scorecard

Surrey vs Middlesex Thursday 11th May 2023 - 11:00am

Surrey win by 9 wickets

Vitality County Championship / Thursday 11th May 2023 - 11:00am

Surrey won the toss and elected to field.


Middlesex First Innings
209 All Out (66.5 Overs)

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MD Stonemanb Roach8152053.33
SD Robsonc Sibley b Atkinson7613214057.58
PJ Malanlbw b Atkinson661386047.83
SS Eskinazic Sibley b Worrall13252052.00
MDE Holdenc Jacks b Worrall7471014.89
JA Simpsonc Sibley b Worrall08000.00
RF Higginsc Foakes b Roach4310133.33
LBK Hollmanc Foakes b Atkinson5201025.00
TS Roland-Jonesc Patel b Worrall260033.33
ER Bamberb Worrall03000.00
TJ MurtaghNot Out5*81062.50
Extras8nb 0w 8b 7lb23
Innings Total
(66.5 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
14 - 1MD Stoneman4.3
166 - 2SD Robson45.4
173 - 3PJ Malan47.2
188 - 4SS Eskinazi55.3
192 - 5JA Simpson57.5
197 - 6RF Higgins60.2
197 - 7MDE Holden61.2
199 - 8TS Roland-Jones63.1
199 - 9ER Bamber63.4
209 - 10LBK Hollman66.5
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KAJ Roach17.0 Overs-102 Balls36223.64
DJ Worrall14.0 Overs-84 Balls34853.42
SA Abbott12.0 Overs-72 Balls43002.50
J Clark13.0 Overs-78 Balls23602.76
AAP Atkinson10.5 Overs-65 Balls21831.66

Surrey First Innings
380 All Out (99.4 Overs)

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RJ Burnsc Simpson b Higgins8810511183.81
DP Sibleyc Eskinazi b Bamber13291044.83
RS Patelc Holden b Higgins5131038.46
JL Smithstumpedst Simpson b Hollman9718715151.87
BT Foakesc Simpson b Murtagh22553040.00
WG Jacksb Bamber27344179.41
J Clarkc Holden b Higgins12133092.31
SA Abbottb Murtagh48756164.00
AAP Atkinsonb Bamber13261050.00
KAJ RoachNot Out8*361022.22
DJ Worrallc Simpson b Roland-Jones323141103.23
Extras12nb 1w 0b 2lb15
Innings Total
(99.4 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
49 - 1DP Sibley12.3
62 - 2RS Patel15.4
137 - 3RJ Burns30.2
190 - 4BT Foakes47.6
229 - 5WG Jacks60.6
251 - 6J Clark66.6
283 - 7JL Smith77.4
318 - 8AAP Atkinson84.6
340 - 9SA Abbott91.2
380 - 10DJ Worrall99.4
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TJ Murtagh27.0 Overs-162 Balls510123.74
TS Roland-Jones16.4 Overs-100 Balls18014.80
ER Bamber29.0 Overs-174 Balls38733.00
RF Higgins20.0 Overs-120 Balls48734.35
LBK Hollman7.0 Overs-42 Balls12313.28

Middlesex Second Innings
240 All Out (71.4 Overs)

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SD Robsonc Foakes b Abbott22613036.07
MD Stonemanc Foakes b Atkinson28463060.87
SS Eskinazic Foakes b Clark17621027.42
MDE Holdenc Foakes b Roach43805053.75
JA Simpsonc Foakes b Abbott23443052.27
RF Higginsc Roach b Clark42716059.15
PJ Malanc Patel b Atkinson1100010.00
LBK Hollmanc Foakes b Clark471057.14
TS Roland-Jonesc Sibley b Clark6141042.86
ER BamberNot Out25*375067.57
TJ Murtaghb Abbott05000.00
Extras14nb 1w 8b 6lb29
Innings Total
(71.4 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
55 - 1SD Robson16.4
57 - 2MD Stoneman17.5
108 - 3SS Eskinazi36.6
131 - 4MDE Holden44.3
155 - 5JA Simpson51.5
181 - 6PJ Malan55.3
186 - 7LBK Hollman56.5
198 - 8TS Roland-Jones60.4
235 - 9RF Higgins70.2
240 - 10TJ Murtagh71.4
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KAJ Roach15.0 Overs-90 Balls25713.80
DJ Worrall17.0 Overs-102 Balls46103.58
SA Abbott15.4 Overs-94 Balls53131.97
AAP Atkinson12.0 Overs-72 Balls23723.08
J Clark9.0 Overs-54 Balls22542.77
WG Jacks2.0 Overs-12 Balls0804.00
RS Patel1.0 Overs-6 Balls0707.00

Surrey Second Innings
73 for 1 (16.4 Overs)

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RJ Burnsc Eskinazi b Murtagh14182077.78
DP SibleyNot Out21*403052.50
RS PatelNot Out37*428088.10
WG Jacks0000
BT Foakes0000
JL Smith0000
SA Abbott0000
J Clark0000
AAP Atkinson0000
KAJ Roach0000
DJ Worrall0000
Extras0nb 1w 0b 0lb1
Innings Total
(16.4 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
17 - 1RJ Burns4.6
73 - 216.4
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TJ Murtagh5.0 Overs-30 Balls11112.20
TS Roland-Jones5.0 Overs-30 Balls02705.40
ER Bamber3.0 Overs-18 Balls1903.00
LBK Hollman3.0 Overs-18 Balls01705.66
MD Stoneman0.4 Overs-4 Balls09013.50


RJ Burns
DP Sibley
RS Patel
JL Smith
BT Foakes
WG Jacks
J Clark
SA Abbott
AAP Atkinson
KAJ Roach
DJ Worrall
MD Stoneman
SD Robson
PJ Malan
SS Eskinazi
MDE Holden
JA Simpson
RF Higgins
LBK Hollman
TS Roland-Jones
ER Bamber
TJ Murtagh