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Match Scorecard

Surrey vs Middlesex Wednesday 19th July 2023 - 11:00am

Surrey win by 8 wickets

LV= Insurance County Championship / Wednesday 19th July 2023 - 11:00am

Middlesex won the toss and elected to field.


Surrey First Innings
433 All Out (127.4 Overs)

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RJ Burnsc Holden b Higgins7915912049.69
DP Sibleylbw b Higgins3190015.79
TWM Lathamc Bamber b Helm381054036.19
JL Smithb Helm13819416171.13
BT Foakesc Higgins b Helm20522038.46
WG Jacksc Simpson b Helm2110018.18
J Clarkc Robson b Murtagh7814011155.71
SA Abbottc Malan b Bamber15402037.50
J OvertonNot Out35*3250109.38
TE Laweslbw b Helm6111054.55
DJ Worrallc Stoneman b Helm260033.33
Extras6nb 0w 0b 11lb17
Innings Total
(127.4 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
12 - 1DP Sibley5.4
106 - 2TWM Latham39.6
163 - 3RJ Burns55.5
220 - 4BT Foakes72.6
240 - 5WG Jacks76.3
345 - 6JL Smith104.2
382 - 7SA Abbott117.3
400 - 8J Clark120.6
421 - 9TE Lawes125.3
433 - 10DJ Worrall127.4
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TJ Murtagh25.0 Overs-150 Balls58213.28
RF Higgins26.0 Overs-156 Balls39223.53
ER Bamber32.0 Overs-192 Balls86211.93
TG Helm27.4 Overs-166 Balls311063.97
JM de Caires17.0 Overs-102 Balls07604.47

Middlesex First Innings
238 All Out (85.1 Overs)

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MD Stonemanc Foakes b Clark11312035.48
PJ Malanc Foakes b Overton18562032.14
SD Robsonb Abbott12371032.43
JLB Daviesc Sibley b Lawes4201020.00
MDE Holdenc Sibley b Abbott551176047.01
JA Simpsonc Foakes b Lawes601336145.11
ER Bamberc & b Overton13512025.49
RF Higginsb Overton3110027.27
JM de CairesNot Out30*404175.00
TG Helmc Latham b Lawes170014.29
TJ Murtaghb Abbott8102080.00
Extras6nb 0w 4b 13lb23
Innings Total
(85.1 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
21 - 1MD Stoneman11.2
43 - 2PJ Malan20.2
43 - 3SD Robson21.2
53 - 4JLB Davies26.4
169 - 5MDE Holden59.6
196 - 6JA Simpson71.5
198 - 7ER Bamber74.6
199 - 8RF Higgins76.1
200 - 9TG Helm77.3
238 - 10TJ Murtagh85.1
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DJ Worrall17.0 Overs-102 Balls82901.70
J Clark14.0 Overs-84 Balls13712.64
SA Abbott19.1 Overs-115 Balls73731.93
J Overton16.0 Overs-96 Balls34532.81
TE Lawes15.0 Overs-90 Balls25733.80
WG Jacks4.0 Overs-24 Balls11604.00

Middlesex Second Innings
272 All Out (71.3 Overs)

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PJ Malanb Worrall02000.00
MD Stonemanc Overton b Lawes727811092.31
SD Robsonc Latham b Abbott20391051.28
JLB Daviesc Latham b Overton13232056.52
MDE Holdenc Foakes b Overton26753034.67
JA Simpsonc Foakes b Lawes270028.57
RF Higginslbw b Abbott23403057.50
JM de Cairesb Abbott31952032.63
TG Helmb Worrall19342055.88
ER BamberNot Out46*3742124.32
TJ Murtaghc Sibley b Abbott02000.00
Extras6nb 0w 2b 12lb20
Innings Total
(71.3 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
0 - 1PJ Malan0.2
65 - 2SD Robson13.6
100 - 3JLB Davies20.5
121 - 4MD Stoneman26.4
127 - 5JA Simpson30.1
166 - 6RF Higgins41.6
170 - 7MDE Holden46.2
208 - 8TG Helm56.5
272 - 9JM de Caires71.1
272 - 10TJ Murtagh71.3
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DJ Worrall18.0 Overs-108 Balls34722.61
J Clark9.0 Overs-54 Balls14705.22
SA Abbott17.3 Overs-105 Balls26043.42
J Overton14.0 Overs-84 Balls34423.14
TE Lawes13.0 Overs-78 Balls16024.61

Surrey Second Innings
78 for 2 (11.1 Overs)

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RJ Burnsc Murtagh b Helm8101080.00
JL Smithc Robson b Helm120050.00
WG JacksNot Out45*3511128.57
TWM LathamNot Out21*2011105.00
DP Sibley0000
BT Foakes0000
J Clark0000
J Overton0000
SA Abbott0000
TE Lawes0000
DJ Worrall0000
Extras0nb 3w 0b 0lb3
Innings Total
(11.1 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
6 - 1JL Smith1.1
29 - 2RJ Burns3.6
78 - 311.1
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ER Bamber6.0 Overs-36 Balls03906.50
TG Helm5.0 Overs-30 Balls03727.40
MD Stoneman0.1 Overs-1 Balls02012.00


MD Stoneman
SD Robson
PJ Malan
MDE Holden
JLB Davies
JA Simpson
RF Higgins
JM de Caires
TG Helm
ER Bamber
TJ Murtagh
RJ Burns
DP Sibley
TWM Latham
JL Smith
BT Foakes
WG Jacks
J Clark
J Overton
SA Abbott
TE Lawes
DJ Worrall

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