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Match Scorecard

Surrey vs Middlesex Thursday 25th May 2023 - 18:30pm

Surrey First Innings
199 for 6 (20.0 Overs)

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WG Jacksc Helm b Andersson432262195.45
SP Narinec Malan b Fernandes10122083.33
SM Curranc Cullen b Helm684772144.68
TK Curranc & b Higgins503380151.52
J Overtonc Malan b Helm10411250.00
LJ Evansc Higgins b Helm120050.00
JL SmithNot Out1*100100.00
J ClarkNot Out1*100100.00
SA Abbott0000
AAP Atkinson0000
TE Lawes0000
Extras4nb 6w 4b 1lb15
Innings Total
(20.0 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
40 - 1SP Narine4.2
68 - 2WG Jacks7.3
186 - 3TK Curran18.3
196 - 4SM Curran19.1
197 - 5J Overton19.3
198 - 6LJ Evans19.5
199 - 720.0
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TG Helm4.0 Overs-24 Balls03839.50
BC Cullen4.0 Overs-24 Balls03709.25
NS Fernandes3.0 Overs-18 Balls02719.00
RF Higgins4.0 Overs-24 Balls051112.75
LBK Hollman2.0 Overs-12 Balls021010.50
MK Andersson3.0 Overs-18 Balls02016.66

Middlesex First Innings
126 All Out (14.5 Overs)

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SS EskinaziRun Out120050.00
JB Cracknellc Clark b Atkinson121011120.00
PJ Malanc Overton b Abbott301841166.67
MDE Holdenb Narine432362186.96
RF Higginsc Evans b Jacks7710100.00
LBK Hollmanb Jacks02000.00
JA Simpsonc Jacks b Atkinson151120136.36
MK Anderssonb Narine480050.00
NS Fernandesb Jacks240050.00
TG HelmNot Out2*200100.00
BC Cullenc Overton b Atkinson4210200.00
Extras0nb 5w 0b 1lb6
Innings Total
(14.5 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
2 - 1SS Eskinazi0.4
27 - 2JB Cracknell3.4
61 - 3PJ Malan6.1
93 - 4RF Higgins9.4
93 - 5LBK Hollman9.6
98 - 6MDE Holden10.2
114 - 7MK Andersson12.4
119 - 8NS Fernandes13.4
122 - 9JA Simpson14.3
126 - 10BC Cullen14.5
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SM Curran2.0 Overs-12 Balls022011.00
AAP Atkinson2.5 Overs-17 Balls02037.05
SA Abbott2.0 Overs-12 Balls022111.00
SP Narine4.0 Overs-24 Balls03729.25
TE Lawes1.0 Overs-6 Balls0707.00
WG Jacks3.0 Overs-18 Balls01735.66


SS Eskinazi
JB Cracknell
PJ Malan
MDE Holden
RF Higgins
LBK Hollman
JA Simpson
MK Andersson
NS Fernandes
TG Helm
BC Cullen
WG Jacks
SP Narine
SM Curran
TK Curran
J Overton
LJ Evans
JL Smith
J Clark
SA Abbott
AAP Atkinson
TE Lawes