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Match Scorecard

Surrey vs Somerset Friday 16th June 2023 - 18:30pm


Surrey First Innings
195 for 9 (20.0 Overs)

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WG Jacksc Henry b van der Merwe604344139.53
LJ Evansc Abell b Green282512112.00
SM Curranc Abell b Davey151120136.36
J Overtonc Abell b Green20912222.22
TK Curranc Overton b Henry230066.67
SA Abbottc Henry b Davey250040.00
CJ JordanNot Out36*1214300.00
JL Smithc Dickson b Davey5410125.00
SP Narinec Abell b Green8501160.00
AAP Atkinsonc Dickson b Green6201300.00
TE LawesNot Out1*100100.00
Extras0nb 8w 0b 4lb12
Innings Total
(20.0 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
71 - 1LJ Evans8.2
104 - 2SM Curran12.4
120 - 3WG Jacks13.5
123 - 4TK Curran14.3
133 - 5SA Abbott15.4
140 - 6J Overton16.2
147 - 7JL Smith17.2
186 - 8SP Narine19.1
192 - 9AAP Atkinson19.3
195 - 1020.0
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C Overton3.0 Overs-18 Balls01906.33
MJ Henry4.0 Overs-24 Balls054113.50
JH Davey4.0 Overs-24 Balls03238.00
L Gregory2.0 Overs-12 Balls01909.50
RE van der Merwe3.0 Overs-18 Balls034111.33
BGF Green4.0 Overs-24 Balls03348.25

Somerset First Innings
167 for 9 (20.0 Overs)

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T Bantonc Jacks b Curran533734143.24
WCF Smeedc Lawes b Curran8420200.00
T Kohler-Cadmorec Atkinson b Curran9720128.57
TB Abellc Smith b Atkinson392342169.57
SR DicksonRun Out891088.89
L Gregoryc Atkinson b Curran130033.33
BGF Greenc Narine b Jordan181212150.00
RE van der Merweb Jordan350060.00
C Overtonc Overton b Curran130033.33
JH DaveyNot Out5*100050.00
MJ HenryNot Out14*902155.56
Extras4nb 1w 0b 3lb8
Innings Total
(20.0 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
20 - 1WCF Smeed1.4
30 - 2T Kohler-Cadmore3.4
99 - 3TB Abell10.1
119 - 4T Banton13.2
120 - 5SR Dickson13.3
120 - 6L Gregory13.5
142 - 7RE van der Merwe16.2
143 - 8BGF Green16.4
145 - 9C Overton17.2
167 - 1020.0
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SA Abbott1.0 Overs-6 Balls012012.00
SM Curran4.0 Overs-24 Balls02656.50
AAP Atkinson4.0 Overs-24 Balls01914.75
CJ Jordan4.0 Overs-24 Balls03127.75
SP Narine4.0 Overs-24 Balls055013.75
TE Lawes3.0 Overs-18 Balls02107.00


T Banton
WCF Smeed
T Kohler-Cadmore
TB Abell
SR Dickson
L Gregory
BGF Green
RE van der Merwe
C Overton
JH Davey
MJ Henry
WG Jacks
LJ Evans
SM Curran
JL Smith
TK Curran
J Overton
SA Abbott
CJ Jordan
SP Narine
AAP Atkinson
TE Lawes

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