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Notpla seaweed-coated food takeaway boxes supplied at The Kia Oval to offer plastic-free packaging solutions to cricket fans.   

  • Surrey County Cricket Club have teamed up with Notpla – Prince William’s Earthshot Prize’s winner in the category “Build a Waste-Free World” – to launch sustainable takeaway boxes at The Kia Oval. 
  • Lined with a seaweed-derived formulation, Notpla takeaway boxes have similar grease and water-resistant qualities as plastic-lined packaging, but offers guilt-free disposal options, either through home-compost or by being placed in paper recycling streams                                                                                                                                                          

As part of Surrey County Cricket Club’s commitment to work towards making The Kia Oval a Carbon Neutral Venue by 2030, the Club is accelerating its effort to supply true sustainable packaging. They have just launched Notpla seaweed-coated packaging with the support of their supplier, Greenstrand, to drive sustainable improvement and innovation within their packaging offering.

This initiative is also a direct response to the rising demand from consumers for transparency in what their packaging contains, and a guilt-free way to consume their favourite takeaway food. Winner of Prince William’s Earthshot Prize in the category “Build a Waste-Free World”, Notpla offers sustainable packaging solutions that don’t mislead consumers.

Notpla takeaway food boxes are lined with a unique solution, Notpla Coating, the London-based firm’s most industrially advanced product. This coating is made from seaweed – one of nature’s most sustainable resources- and plant extracts. Globally abundant and fast-growing, seaweed doesn’t require fresh water or fertiliser and does not compete for arable land, unlike many land-based natural crops. Seaweed also reduces ocean acidification and effectively absorbs carbon, making it one of our greatest weapons against climate change in the foodservice industry.

In line with the EU Single-Use Plastic Directive, which aims to ban synthetic materials such as PLA, PHA and other bioplastics, Notpla Coating contains no plastic or “forever chemicals” such as PFA, ensuring no harmful traces will be left behind in the environment.

Designed to disappear, Notpla Coating enables the packaging to be recycled without contamination in existing paper streams, or thrown in a home compost.

Emily Iveson-Pritchard, Head of Sustainability at The Kia Oval said: “We are proud to be using innovative brands such as Notpla in our retail areas. Notpla’s sustainable packaging is a fantastic step towards our Net Zero goals, and we are excited to stock more options as they become available.”

 Pierre Paslier, co-founder and co-CEO of Notpla said: “We are delighted to be contributing to Surrey County Cricket Club’s effort toward making The Kia Oval a Carbon Neutral Venue. By launching Notpla packaging, the Oval is taking a big step in adopting truly sustainable packaging solutions that dont mislead consumers, enabling cricket  fans to enjoy their favourite meals without the plastic waste.”                 


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Notpla creates truly sustainable packaging solutions from seaweed and plants that disappear naturally, giving consumers the convenience of single-use, without the plastic waste. Winner of the prestigious Earthshot Prize, Notpla are famed for their edible liquid packaging, Ooho, their takeaway box coating and single-use film sachet replacements. To date, their solutions have already replaced 3  million pieces of single-use plastic from entering our environment.

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