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The Street Development Programme is supporting cricketers to bridge the gap between tapeball and hardball cricket, and has been renewed for 2024 following a successful start.

In partnership with Chance to Shine (CtS), Surrey Cricket Foundation (SCF) actively identified and supported 15 talented tapeball cricketers across Surrey throughout 2023, providing them with the necessary resources and opportunities to develop their skills and progress towards playing hardball cricket, at no cost to the players.

To select the players, young people playing tapeball cricket in many of the Chance to Shine Street projects across south London and Surrey were invited for trials, with 15 cricketers joining the programme at the end. Chance to Shine Street is a country-wide initiative, which runs 200 free-of-cost tapeball projects in the UK and is helping bring cricket to thousands of young people who traditionally face barriers to getting active.

From delivering kit and equipment to the players, which was kindly donated by Gray Nicolls, to conducting detailed cricket coaching sessions in a group setting as well as 1-to-1, the programme offered comprehensive support to the selected tapeball cricketers.

The project’s multifaceted approach has enabled participants to enhance their cricketing abilities and make the transition to the structured and competitive world of hardball cricket. It is a testament to the programme’s impact that it has been renewed for another year.

The overarching aim of the programme remains to link tapeball cricketers up with established cricket clubs within Surrey, providing them with the platforms and opportunities to showcase their talents in organised hardball cricket leagues and tournaments. By connecting with clubs, participants can gain access to experienced coaches, further develop their skills in a competitive environment, and build valuable networks within the cricket community.

Chris Coleman, Director of Cricket Participation at SCF, said: “Tapeball cricket has been really significant for increasing access to cricket. While it is carving out a space for itself as a form of cricket, it simultaneously functions as a platform for talented players to showcase their skills that are transferrable into hardball cricket.

“The Street Development Programme is an important project that has been well received by the participants. We are committed to supporting talented, young tapeball cricketers and empowering them to achieve their cricketing aspirations, all free of charge.”

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