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Introducing… Emily Iveson-Pritchard

Introducing… Emily Iveson-Pritchard, Head of Sustainability at Surrey County Cricket Club.

As part of our ‘A Life In Cricket’ Campaign, we will be talking about the passionate and committed individuals who work in cricket.

In this episode we meet Head of Sustainability Emily Iveson-Pritchard, who tells us about her career to date and why she’d recommend a career in cricket to a young person.

Watch Emily’s video below and keep scrolling to learn more about Emily and her career.

How did you originally get into cricket?

Growing up, cricket was one of the only sports that existed in my house and at the age of about 7 my dad brought me to a cricket game at The Kia Oval. I remember being sat in the stands in front of the old click-a-clack scoreboard just being amazed at the game and the opportunity to spend time with my dad and his best friend. Cricket was part of my life from then on and even today it is  a great opportunity to spend a day with my dad at the Test each year, we’ve even roped in my mum and my brother (who did not need much convincing at all). Now cricket is the reason I met my wife so it has shaped my life both professionally and personally.

What did you do before joining Surrey?

I did quite a few odd jobs before joining Surrey which makes for some interesting stories. I worked as a waitress, a labourer on a building site, a flat packed furniture builder (yes that is a thing), a shop assistant, and I even helped design and run art workshops at the British museum for thousands of children; the highlight being working their sleepovers when the museum was silent except for small groups of kids wandering the halls.

Why did you join Surrey?

My first role in cricket was less of a choice and more a necessity. I started working at Surrey as a casual waitress during one summer as The Oval is about 10 minutes from where my parents used to live and I needed a job. Staying working at Surrey was the choice that I made. It was one of the best choices I have made as I have been given opportunities to learn, grow and develop, including doing an MBA with a focus on sustainability, which reinvigorated my passion for environmentalism.

What are the roles you’ve done at Surrey?

This question could fill an entire page itself. Lots is the answer. I have worked as waiting staff, logistic staff, kitchen porter, office manager, reception manager, stock administrator, sales executive and Sales Manager and now my current role as Head of Sustainability. I have also helped out in almost all the other departments. My highlight being roped into being the mascot and tripping in the middle of the pitch- an actual dream of mine (being the mascot, not tripping over, of course).

What do you most enjoy about your current role as Head of Sustainability?

The ability to create real, positive change in the club and cricket. Sustainability is so important, not just for the planet but the very survival of the human race and I find that exhilarating. Sustainability is something I am truly passionate about and to be able to focus on that area as a job is unbelievable – I am very lucky.

What are you most looking forward to in your role this year?

To see the progress we can make as a club when we focus on environmental issues. Although we have made lots of progress in this area already, I can now feel the buzz of understanding in all the business stakeholders and the drive to create real change in so many people. It is thrilling.

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